Volume 20, Number 30, August 6, 1993



Lyndon LaRouche

The American political prisoner and former Presidential candidate spoke with Radio XEAW in Monterrey, Mexico, about what a sane U.S. policy toward Mexico would be.

Fung Hu-hsiang

by Leni Rubinstein

Dr. Fung is the former dean of the College of Liberal Arts at National Central University in the Republic of China (Taiwan); former secretary to the late President, Chiang Chingkuo; former adviser to the Prime Minister; and president of the China Forum Monthly magazine. He recently helped found an organization called “Tung Mung Hui,” modeled upon Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary cells.


The Truth about Carlos Andrés Pérez

Part 2 of a series on the recently resigned President of Venezuela, the Anglo-Americans’ favorite puppet in Ibero-America, who is now facing criminal charges for corruption. From a pamphlet circulated by the Venezuelan Labor Party and the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement.


Andean Report

by Carlos Méndez

“The Truth About CAP” Spreads.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

Ecologists Launch New Offensive.


The Demjanjuk Case.


What’s All the Fuss about Dinosaurs?

by Richard Welsh

Since the first dinosaurs were unearthed in the early 1820s, their scientific study has been entangled with cultural warfare. Richard Welsh tells the history of this bizarre phenomenon, reviewing Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park and its movie adaptation, and surveying the literature on real scientific discoveries that are being made.

New Research Fuels Interest in Dinosaurs

by Richard Welsh


Ferruzzi Could Bring Down the Derivatives Casino

by William Engdahl

Three high-level figures linked to Italy’s Ferruzzi holding company are dead under mysterious circumstances, and the international financial press is virtually silent. There is a very good reason why.

India-Russia Rocket Deal: United States: Superpower or Supercop?

by Ramtanu Maitra

Russia froze its deal with India for rocket technology, under U.S. pressure. It’s the policy known as “technological apartheid” against the developing sector.

Currency Rates

Toward a Sane U.S. Policy for the Economic Development of Mexico

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


by Suzanne Rose

Budget Ax Hits Rural Electrical Coops.

Business Briefs


The High Cost of Germany’s Political Paralysis

by Uwe Friesecke

Uwe Friesecke of the new German party Civil Rights Movement Solidarity and the Schiller Institute, analyzes the economic and strategic crisis that is threatening Germany, and what can be done to reverse it. Friesecke is currently touring the United States to bring this picture to American citizens and policymakers.

Third World Needs German Potash

by Rainer Apel

Zepp-LaRouche: ‘Hunger Strikers, Courage!’

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

A speech to hunger strikers at the potash mine in Bischofferode, Germany.


Israeli Attack on Lebanon Threatens Broader Conflict

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Whether or not the U.S. government and the UN hierarchy were privy to Israel’s military plans, the actions of both have paved the way for gangster politics worldwide.

Anglo-Americans Playing ‘Rahman Card’?

by Joseph Brewda

Ruble Pandemonium in Russia, CIS Signals End of ‘Shock Therapy’ Is Near

by Konstantin George

Bombs in Italy Are Bombs against Europe

by Claudio Celani

Soros Helps Pro-Serb Brainwashing Effort

by Mark Burdman

Argentina Becomes a Tavistock Laboratory

by Cynthia R. Rush

The Betrayal of Democracy Is Ongoing in Taiwan

by Leni Rubinstein

An interview with Fung Hu-hsiang.

Taiwan Must Play a World Role To Survive

by Leni Rubinstein

Four Taiwan Leaders Seek LaRouche’s Freedom

International Intelligence


Battle Takes Shape for Soul of America’s Schoolchildren

by Steve Komm and Jeffrey Steinberg

Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, the spiritual child molesters are stealing our children.

Bottom Line on State Budgets: Deeper Depression To Come

by H. Graham Lowry

ADL Tried To Censor Anti-Israel Books

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Eye on Washington

by Anita Gallagher

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones and Carl Osgood

National News


In our July 23 issue, an editorial error appeared in the article “Cabbalism, Slavery, and the B’nai B’rith: The Case of A. E. Frankland” (page 64). It was not Julius Ochs, but his wife, Bertha, who was arrested for smuggling supplies to the Confederates. Julius was an officer of a Union unit responsible for stopping such smuggling.