Volume 21, Number 1, January 1, 1994



The Breakdown of the Elites and the Economic Crisis

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The speech by Lyndon LaRouche to a conference of the Schiller Institute and the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity in Kiedrich, Germany in December.

The Development of the EIR Economics Database

The Kennedy Era

What John F. Kennedy Did To Turn the Economy Around

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A selection from Lyndon LaRouche’s “Cold Fusion: Challenge to U.S. Science Policy,” analyzing the key features of the successful Kennedy recovery package: the investment tax-credit tax-reform, the Moon-landing goal, and the acceleration of infrastructure building. This was a sharp break in policy from what had come before.

Kennedy’s Promise for the Economic Development of Ibero-America

by Arturo Frondizi

From a memoir by the former Argentine President.

Book Reviews

Can Our Republic Survive?

by Nancy Spannaus

The Debate on the Constitution, edited by Bernard Bailyn.

Economic Survey

The 30-Year Breakdown of the U.S. Economy

by Christopher White

Two recent developments highlight what has gone abysmally wrong with our policymaking since the death of President Kennedy: the explosion of the financial derivatives crisis, and the failure to defend our national infrastructure that led to the devastation of the Flood of ’93. Chris White presents a study by the EIR Economics Staff.

1960s Plans for Plentiful Power, Water in the 1990s

Dr. King Saw Economic Buildup as Key to Justice

EIR’s Market Basket Study, 1967-90: The Disappearance of the U.S. Economy

by Richard Freeman

Relative to 1967 standards, production of many vital commodities has plunged by 40-50%, and some by 80% or more.

1964 Hearings: Build Big Projects To Assure Water

Derivatives: The Cancer that Killed the Economy

by John Hoefle

The Flood of ’93 Puts National Food Self-Sufficiency on the World Agenda

by Marcia Merry

Science & Technology

No Limits to Growth

by Carol White

Kennedy’s national commitment to an advanced science policy through the Apollo space program lives on in today’s breakthroughs with the repaired Hubble telescope and in fusion energy. Carol White reports.

LaRouche on Princeton, Hubble achievements

The Kennedy Legacy: We Can Still Rediscover the Frontier of Space

by Marsha Freeman

‘The Woman on Mars’

From the script of a national television broadcast by Lyndon LaRouche during his 1988 Presidential campaign.

World News

Third Rome Tendency Surfaces in Russian Election Results

by Konstantin George

The shocking gains for Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the Communists confirm what Lyndon LaRouche and EIR have been saying since 1983. Will Washington finally wake up and draw the necessary conclusions?

Dump the Free Trade Insanity toward Russia

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Comments on the election results in his weekly radio interview.

Zhirinovsky and the Emerging ‘Third Rome’

Strategic Policy Shakeup Under Way in Washington

by Edward Spannaus

With the resignation of Defense Secretary Les Aspin, and Vice President Gore’s attack on IMF “shock therapy” toward Russia, a fight is on.

North Korea Deadline More Than Clinton Bargained For

by Linda de Hoyos and Lydia Cherry

Surgeon General Ignites Drug Legalization Debate

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Joycelyn Elders says—despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary—that legalizing drugs would reduce the crime rate.

Race Hate Provocation Set Up in Australia

by Alex Roach

The ‘New Comprador’ Plan for Greater China

by Michael Billington

The Fight against GATT Goes On

by Christine Bierre