Volume 21, Number 22, May 27, 1994



Hui Yongzhen

by Mary Burdman

The vice-minister of the State Science and Technology Commission of the People’s Republic of China outlines the plan for a New Asia and Europe Continental Bridge-a modern version of the old Silk Road.

Amnon Einav

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

The chief scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure speaks of the prospects for nuclear energy development in the Mideast.

Dr. Mohammed Mehdi Salih

Iraq’s Minister of Trade details the devastation caused by the UN embargo, as well as Iraq’s impressive efforts to rebuild its war-damaged economy, without any help from abroad.


Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Méndez

Samuel Ruiz and “the Poster.”

Panama Report

by Carlos Wesley

“Noriega’s” Party Wins Elections.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

PT, Tool of the New World Order.


What Ben Franklin Had to Say.


Wall Street Tory John Train Revives ‘Get LaRouche’ Salon

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Reveals the dirty pedigree of the Wall Street investment counsellor who is preparing a new slanderous attack on Lyndon LaRouche. If the truth about Train’s earlier efforts against LaRouche had been allowed to come out in the courts where LaRouche and associates were prosecuted, all the cases would have been thrown out.

Book Reviews

The Romanian Secret Service’s ‘Wilderness of Mirrors’

by Daniel Platt

Red Horizons: Chronicles of a Communist Spy Chief, by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa.

Burleigh and the Battle for American Classical Music

by Susan Bowen

Hard Trials: The Life and Music of Harry T. Burleigh, by Anne Key Simpson.


Great Infrastructure Projects Move to Top of World Agenda

by Mark Burdman

Boris Yeltsin, visiting in Germany, calls for building a high-speed railway link from Moscow to Paris, via: Berlin and Frankfurt. The idea is a reflection of Lyndon LaRouche’s proposal for a Productive Triangle for Eurasian development.

Currency Rates

Eurasian Rail Bridge: ‘A Modern Silk Road and Bridge of World Peace’

by Mary Burdman

An interview with Hui Yongzhen.

HTR Nuclear Reactors Could Provide Mideast with Electricity and Water

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

A interview with Amnon Einav.

Theory and Practice of the Swamp

by Andrei Orlov

A comment on the Russian economy by the prorector of the Economics Academy of the Russian Ministry of Economics.


by Suzanne Rose

Hunger Stalks the United States.

Business Briefs


Iraq Embargo Will Sabotage Eurasian Development

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Reports on a visit to Iraq. As a direct result of the United Nations embargo, 1 million people have died—many of them children. Yet once again, the UN Security Council has renewed the embargo, depriving the nation of food and medicine. And not just Iraq is at risk.

EIR in Dialogue with Iraqi Intellectuals

What everybody wants to know is: Is there anything good we can expect from America?

Sanctions Have Not Only Hurt Iraq, But Also Its Trading Partners

An interview with Dr. Mohammed Mehdi Salih.


African Synod Sharpens Fight against Cairo ’94

by Lydia Cherry and Anita Gallagher

At this first all-African synod of Roman Catholic bishops, there were three major items on the agenda: opposing the Cairo depopulation conference, relieving the foreign debt burden, and healing the Muslim-Christian conflict.

ADL Intimate behind German Cairo Preps

South Africa: New Showdowns Brewing

by Linda de Hoyos

Yemen War Signals British Move To Destabilize Arabian Peninsula

by Dean Andromidas

Croatia’s Two-Front War vs. Serbia, IMF

by Rainer Apel

Balaguer Wins in Dominican Republic

by Carlos Wesley

Italy’s New Cabinet Dominated by P-2

A Pitiful End for Spain’s González

by Christine Bierre

Pérez or Peña: Will Justice Be Served in Venezuela?

by Jaime García

As former President Carlos Andrés Pérez is dragged away to jail, the country is in an uproar over the Cisneros Group’s blatantly political frameup of Alejandro Peña, leader of the Venezuelan Labor Party.

Alejandro Peña Reveals Who and Why of the Assault on Venezuela

by Alejandro Peña Esclusa

The Cisneros Organization Strikes Back in the Courts

by Rodolfo Schmidt

International Intelligence


Lawsuit against Clinton Poses Constitutional Issues

by Edward Spannaus

When a foreign agent gets a U.S. citizen to file suit for sexual harassment against the President, in order to destroy the institution of the Presidency, it’s time for something to be done.

Senate Votes To Lift Bosnian Arms Embargo

by William Jones

LaRouche Democrats Score Election Gains

by Marianna Wertz

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News


Due to an editing error, the article “Opposition mounts against UN genocide conference,” in EIR of May 20, 1994, contained the following inaccurate formulation: “Several of the Roman Catholic institutions which have spoken out against the Cairo agenda, have also gone beyond the traditional, narrower focus on the delimited issues of abortion and contraception.” The sentence should have read: “Several of the Roman Catholic institutions which have spoken out against the Cairo agenda, have not focused on the issue of abortion and contraception alone.”

Correction on the “Science Policy” Article for May 6, 1994