Volume 21, Number 29, July 22, 1994



Saad al-Faqih and Muhammad A.S. al-Massari

by Dean Andromidas

These two members of the Committee for the Defense of Legal Rights in Saudi Arabia are now in exile in London, seeking political asylum there. Dr. al-Faqih is a surgeon, and Dr. al-Massari is a physicist.

Book Reviews

Patriot Reveals Secrets of World War II

by Paul Goldstein

The OSS in Italy, 1942-45: A Personal Memoir, by Max Corvo.


on the Green Front

by Rogelio A. Maduro

Green Terrorist War against Norway.

Andean Report

by Javier Almario

Before Samper There Was Bush.


A True Commemoration.


Is U.S. Congress Waking Up to Derivatives Danger?

by Anthony K. Wikrent

Federal regulators and private bankers testifying before a congressional subcommittee received a most unaccustomed grilling, from congressmen wanting to know whether a global banking crisis is in the offing.

The Delors Plan: European Rail Infrastructure Program Set To Go

by William Engdahl

Germany and China Sign Agreements for Development of Infrastructure

by Rainer Apel

Can We Produce Enough Food To Feed 10 Billion People?

by Rosa Tennenbaum

Even the United Nations Population Fund admits that we can.

Interest Rates, Drought Devastate Australia’s Rural Areas

by William Bensted

Brazil’s ‘Real’ Currency Plan Will Accelerate Economic Bloodletting

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Currency Rates

EIR Special Report Exposes UN’s Depopulation Drive

U.S. Unemployment Coverup

Business Briefs


Lessons of Anti-Nazi Resistance Invoked at Lyon Conference

by Christophe Laverhne

The Schiller Institute met to honor the memory of both the French Resistance to the Nazi occupation and the German Resistance to the Hitler regime.

What the ‘People of the Night’ Tell Us

by Jacques Cheminade

Resolution Calls for New Resistance Movement

Marie-Madeleine Fourcade, Resistance Heroine

Man’s Honor

by André Rigoyne de Fougerelles

On the Meaning of the Word ‘Resistance’

by Dr. Rupprecht Gerngross

Build Resistance to the British New World Order

by Srecko Jurdana

‘The Key to Peace Remains in Moscow’

by Gen. Paul-Albert Scherer

Our Resistance to National Socialism

by Robert Becker

Message to Political Prisoners in the U.S.


President Clinton Forms New Partnership with Germany

by Edward Spannaus

The President’s historic intervention during a visit to Germany has the British hopping mad, and has been all but blacked out in the U.S. media.

Documentation: Excerpts from President Clinton’s speeches in Bonn and Berlin.

Elections in Ukraine, Belarus Advance Russian Plans for Empire

by Konstantin George

Reality Pokes Through at White House Conference on Africa

by Lydia Cherry

Documentation: President Clinton and other participants debate the need for a new policy toward Africa.

UN Targets Islam as Obstacle to Its Depopulation Programs

by Hassan Ahmed and Joseph Brewda

Patience Needed for Peace in Korea

by Kathy Wolfe

Committee for Defense of Legal Rights in Saudi Arabia Is Set Up in London

by Dean Andromidas

An interview with Saad al-Faqih and Muhammad A.S. al-Massari.

International Intelligence


Will Clinton Evade Bush’s Haitian Trap?

by Nancy Spannaus

An invasion of Haiti would be a disaster for the Clinton Presidency and the nation, as well as for Haiti itself.

ADL Attacks on African-Americans Suffer Setback at NAACP Conference

by Dennis Speed

The Case against Drug Trafficker Oliver North

by Nancy Spannaus

FBI Head in Moscow Hits Organized Crime, Hoover

by Edward Spannaus

Soros Boosts Efforts for Drug Legalization

by Joyce Fredman

Tim Wirth Harps on Bush-Kissinger Agenda

In Memoriam: Max Corvo, 1920-1994

by Paul Goldstein

Library of Congress Honors German Resistance

Multiculturalism and Curriculum

by Michael Billington

Reports on an unpublished paper, “Multiculturalism and the Core Curriculum,” by China scholar William Theodore de Bary.

National News