Volume 21, Number 32, August 12, 1994



Boris V. Rauschenbach

by Marsha Freeman and William Jones

A Russian Academician and space scientist whose new biography of the late German space scientist’s work has just appeared in English.

Chief Don Etiebet

by Uwe Friesecke and Lawrence Freeman

He is Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

Chief A.K. Horsfall

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

Chief Horsfall is the coordinator of the Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission (Ompadec), which was setup in 1992 to alleviate difficulties faced by Nigeria’s oil-producing communities.

Lt. Col. Dauda Musa Komo

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

He is the administrator/governor of Rivers State, Nigeria’s largest oil-producing state.

Salim Khalfani

by Marianna Wertz

The statewide coordinator of branch and field activities for the Virginia NAACP, Mr. Khalfani was appointed in 1992 by former Gov. Douglas Wilder to the Legislative Assembly Commission on Sentencing and Parole Reform.

Science & Technology

Hermann Oberth’s Influence on Soviet Space Exploration

by Marsha Freeman and William Jones

Russian Academician Boris V. Rauschenbach gives an unusual inside view of the history of the Soviet space program.

U.S. Magnetic Fusion Budget in Doubt

by Mark Wilsey

Strategic Studies

Nigeria’s Confrontation with the IMF Escalates

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

The bankers of New York and London are making no bones about what their real strategy is, in supporting the opposition to the Abacha government; it is certainly not “democracy.”

We Are Paving the Way for a Democratic Government

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

An interview with Chief Don Etiebet.

Oil Is the Patrimony for All Nigerians

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

An interview with Chief A.K. Horsfall.

There Is a Real Potential for Development in Nigeria

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

An interview with Lt. Col. Dauda Musa Komo.





Kidder Peabody Debacle Confirms LaRouche Forecast

by John Hoefle

Wall Street’s most highly leveraged firm, the securities giant is now badly wounded, as the financial system moves closer to collapse.

Economic Issues Will Make or Break the Jordan-Israel Peace Process

by Susan Welsh

Documentation: The text of the joint declaration signed by King Hussein, Prime Minister Rabin, and President Clinton.

India’s Economic Liberalization Plunges Electric Power Industry into Darkness

by Ramtanu Maitra and Susan Maitra

A Non-Malthusian Demographer Speaks about the ‘Population Crisis’

by Dr. Samuel Preston

The author will speak at the UN’s Cairo ’94 conference.

Currency Rates

Business Briefs


Behind Cairo ’94: The Demographic War against Islam

by Hassan Ahmed and Aminata Demba

Perceiving a threat to white supremacy from the growth of population in the developing countries, the population “experts” are determined to break Islam’s opposition to birth control and malthusian ideology.

Documentation: The Cairo ’94 agenda: excerpts from the draft program.

Policy Conferences: The Art of Betrayal

The Notorious ‘Imam Project’

The Muslim View on Population Control

Al-Azhar Center Is Nest of Corruption

by Hassan Ahmed and Aminata Demba


Will a U.S. Invasion of Haiti Resurrect Slavery?

by Valerie Rush

A study by the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College claims that Haitians were better off as a slave colony of France than at any other time in their history—and calls for the restoration of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

KGB Boss Says Robert Maxwell Was the Second Kissinger

by Mark Burdman

Laurent Murawiec: A Strategic Blunder by British Intelligence

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The promotion of a renegade former associate of Lyndon LaRouche into the ranks of London’s International Institute of Strategic Studies, has a great deal to do with terrorism in Argentina.

Worldwide Terror Spree: Who Benefits?

A chronology.

Renewed War in the Balkans Is Inevitable, Croatians Fear

by Elke Fimmen

Elke Fimmen and Klaus Fimmen visited the Croatian coast in July.

Festival Is Musical Counterpoint to War

by Klaus Fimmen

Dubrovnik Bishop Renews Plea to White House

International Intelligence


Now, the Bush Crowd’s ‘Autopilot’ Has To Go

by Mel Klenetsky

The Kissinger-Bush crowd is foaming at the mouth because of President Clinton’s decision to end the “special relationship” with England, as shown at a policy forum sponsored by the Republican National Committee.

One Mo(o)re LaRouche Hater Goes to Jail

Former Loudoun County, Virginia sheriff’s lieutenant Donald Moore, a key participant in the “Get LaRouche” task force, is sentenced to eight months in prison, after he declares himself to be a mental case.

Open Season on Minnesota’s Humphrey

by Philip Valenti

Parole Abolition Would Return Virginia to the Days of Slavery

by Marianna Wertz

An interview with Saum Khalfani.

Virginia Debates No-Parole Policy

by Marianna Wertz

More Than 20 Years Ago, She Exposed Abortion as Black Genocide

In Memoriam: Erna Clardy Craven.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News