Volume 21, Number 35, September 2, 1994



Dr. Yao-tung Chao

by Leni Rubinstein

Dr. Chao founded China Steel, and was Taiwan’s Minister of Economic Affairs and chairman of the Economic Development and Planning Board.

K.T. Li

by Leni Rubinstein

Known as the father of Taiwan’s industrial development, Mr. Li is a nuclear physicist and engineer. He was responsible for drafting the first four-year development plan and for building the industrial sector of the economy.

Dr. Su-yung Liang

by Leni Rubinstein

Dr. Liang was the chairman of the Kuomintang party’s legislation committee in Taiwan, speaker of the House, and is currently a member of the Central Committee of the Kuomintang.

Dr. An-di Sun

by Leni Rubinstein

Dr. Sun is a member of the Central Committee of the Kuomingtang party in Taiwan, vice secretary of the group Chin Tung Meng Hui, assistant professor of nutrition at the Catholic University Fujen, and doctor at the Dental Department of Taiwan Hospital.


Report from Rio

by Lorenzo Carrasco

National Security without a Nation.


It’s Kissinger Who’s Dangerous.

Book Reviews

Small Booklet Takes Up Big Fight against New Race Scientists

by Marianna Wertz

Crypto-Eugenics: The Hidden Agenda of Planned Parenthood, by Katharine S. O’Keefe.

National Economy

Taiwan’s Patriots Battle for the Ideas of Dr. Sun Yat-sen

by Leni Rubinstein

Reports on a visit to the Republic of China, a country with great potential to participate in the development of Asia as a whole.

If You Want Democracy, Press for Economic Development

by Leni Rubinstein

An interview with Dr. Yao-tung Chao.

How We Built Up Taiwan’s Industry and Infrastructure

by Leni Rubinstein

An interview with K.T. Li.

We Want To Reunify China with Peace Talks, Not War

by Leni Rubinstein

An interview with Dr. Su-yung Liang.

‘An Independent Taiwan Could Cause a Disaster’

by Leni Rubinstein

An interview with Dr. An-di Sun.


Vatican, Islamic Leaders Battle Cairo ’94’s Deadly Agenda

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Excerpts from some of the major statements by the religious opposition to the UN’s International Conference on Population and Development.

Expose Cairo Plans To Depopulate U.S., Too

by Kathleen Klenetsky


America: From Workshop to Slot-Machine of the World

by Richard Freeman

Whether it’s gambling at the casinos, or on the derivatives markets, states and municipalities are playing fast and loose with taxpayers’ money (and so are the taxpayers).

George W. Bush, Baseball, and the Mob

Behind the drive to bring casino gambling to Texas, Pennsylvania, and other states.

Currency Rates

Russia: Machine-Tool Plant Seized by Bank Clique

by Rachel Douglas

The Ordzhonikidze Moscow Machine-Tool Factory is another victim of shock therapy and financial speculation in Russia.

British Target Europe with Currency Warfare

by William Engdahl

Business Briefs


Malthusians Push ‘Biodiversity’ as New Religion

by Rogelio A. Maduro

The kooky ideology behind the Convention on Biological Diversity has nothing to do with science; it is a pagan belief structure, asserting that man has no rights higher than those of other species. The U.S. Senate is being asked to ratify this treaty endorsing Mother Nature worship—with the details to be filled in later.

Groundswell of Opposition to Biodiversity Treaty

by Rogelio A. Maduro

The Twisted World of Maurice Strong

Federal Agencies Are Revamped To Place ‘Ecosystems’ above Humans

by Leo Scanlon


PRI Wins Mexican Elections; Cárdenas Goes Berserk

by Hugo López Ochoa

The overwhelming vote for Presidential candidate Ernesto Zedillo is a blow to those who hoped to destabilize Mexico.

Mexican Jesuits Slander LaRouche; Theology of Liberation Under Attack

by Carlos Méndez

The Plutonium Scandals: A ‘Third Force’ Is Creating German-Russian Tension

by Rainer Apel

Mideast Peace: Peres: Germany Should Play a Leading Role

by Dean Andromidas

The Israeli Foreign Minister gives a press conference in Bonn.

Reds, Greens Block German Infrastructure

by Rainer Apel

New Round of Killing Looms in Bosnia

by Katherine Kanter

Russia Accelerates Neo-Imperial Drive

by Konstantin George

‘Wedding Generals’ For Sale in Russia

by Konstantin Cheremnykh

A Glimmer of Hope Shines in Sri Lanka

by Ramtanu Maitra and Susan Maitra

Dutch Magnate Pushes Breakup of Europe

by Mark Burdman and Claudio Celani

The Hoax of Democracy in Africa

by Lawrence Eyong-Echaw

Australia: The Bioethicists Want To Kill Grandma

by Bruce Jacobs

International Intelligence


NAACP’s Chavis a Victim of ADL Dirty Tricks

by Mel Klenetsky

The ouster of the executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is part of a strategy laid out by the Anti-Defamation League in Montreal in 1991.

This Crime Bill Won’t Stop Crime

by Carl Osgood

NRDC Pushing New Plutonium Hoax

by William Jones

National News