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Volume 21, Number 36, September 9, 1994

Cover of EIR Volume 21, Number 36, September 9, 1994

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Roberto Formigoni  

by Liliana Celani and Claudio Celani

A parliamentarian and leader of the Italian Popular Party (PPI), Mr. Formigoni has for many years been chairman of Communion and Liberation, the biggest Catholic youth organization in Europe.

Lawrence K. Freeman  

Mr. Freeman is a gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary in the state of Maryland.


Report from Rio  

by Silvia Palacios

Lula Follows in Cárdenas’s Footsteps.


How We Lost the Peace.

Book Reviews

The Confederate Conspiracy of Lords Palmerston and Russell  

by Stuart Rosenblatt

Union In Peril: The Crisis over British Intervention in the Civil War, by Howard Jones.

Books Received  


President Clinton Opens New Relationship with China  

by Kathy Wolfe

U.S. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown travels to Beijing to line up $25 billion in trade deals, in a sharp departure from what Brown called "a 12-year tradition of laissez-faire government."

After Cairo ’94, UN Plots Global Economic Dictatorship  

by Torbjörn Jerlerup

A report on the real agenda behind the UN’s March 1995 conference in Copenhagen on "social development."

Who’s Boycotting Cairo ’94  

Currency Rates  


by Rosa Tennenbaum

Swiss Farmers Don’t Want GATT.

Business Briefs  


Social Unrest Is Harvest of Russian Shock Therapy  

by Denise Henderson

Russian troops have now left German territory, opening the way for what President Yeltsin and Chancellor Kohl hailed as a "new era" in bilateral relations. Now is the time to move rapidly toward the LaRouche "Productive Triangle" plan for European development; if the opportunity is not seized, Russia will continue its precipitous plunge into economic and social chaos.

The IMF’s Geopolitics Ruined the Economies of Eastern Europe  

by William Engdahl

A selection from EIR’s new Special Report, "Russia’s Future: Dictatorship, Chaos, or Reconstruction?"


Cornered, Castro Tries Immigration War  

by Gretchen Small

Fidel Castro’s attempt to turn his own crisis into one for President Clinton did not succeed—much to the chagrin of the British and their allies in the Bush crowd.

How Communism Fell in Czechoslovakia  

by Dr. Jozef Miklosko

‘We Are Now in a New Phase of Italian Political Life’  

by Liliana Celani and Claudio Celani

An interview with Roberto Formigoni.

London Plots for Technocracy To Take Over Italy  

by Claudio Celani

Pérez de Cuellar: From UN Capo to Peruvian ‘Inca’?  

by Sara Madueño

Is Zaire Britain’s Next Target?  

by Linda de Hoyos

Imam Larbi Kechat Freed in France  

by Odile Mojon

Vatican Spokesman Gives Cairo Briefing  

by Joaquín Navarro-Valls

The Holy See’s press director stated the issues from the Vatican perspective on Aug. 31.

International Intelligence  


Anti-British Foreign Policy Shift Yielding Successes  

by Edward Spannaus

The historic announcement of a cease-fire in Northern Ireland would never have happened, had Clinton not abandoned the U.S. "special relationship" with Britain.

Du Pont Smith Declared ‘Competent’ by Pennsylvania Judge  

LaRouche Democrat Challenges ADL, Drug Lobby in Maryland Election  

An interview with Lawrence K. Freeman.

ADL’s Friends Nabbed Again Fostering Neo-Nazi Terror  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

A Canadian right-winger turns out to have been an agent provocateur for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The Career of a Hired Gun, in His Own Words  

by Anton Chaitkin

A profile of Carl Rowan.

National News  

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