Volume 21, Number 41, October 14, 1994



A Study in Contrasts: Two Opposite Policies for Sudan

by Paul Gallagher

Population and Human Resources Development in the Sudan, edited by Omer S. Urtur and William J. House.

Aldous Huxley in the 1930s: The Formative Years of an Evil Man

by Mark Burdman

Aldous Huxley, Between the Wars: Essays and Letters, edited by David Bradshaw.

Beyond OBE: Mind Manipulation in the ‘New World Order’

by Leo Scanlon

Microchipped: How the Education Establishment Took Us Beyond Big Brother, by Beverly K. Eakman.

McFarlane Blasts North as Self-Serving Liar

by Edward Spannaus

Special Trust, by Robert C. McFarlane.


Report from Rio

by Marilia Barbosa

Lula’s Cronies Throw Terror Tantrum.

Andean Report

by Javier Almario

Samper’s Narco-Links Confirmed.


Let’s Start the Digging.


Royal Panic Breaks Out in London Financial Center

Monetary and market upheavals are not separate from the other eruptions which are racking the British elite these days, undermining the very existence of the institutions on which Britain’s political, as well as financial and global influence has depended.

Documentation: The Impending Fall of the House of Windsor.

House Banking Committee Hears Derivatives Victims

by Anthony K. Wikrent

Thatcher’s Son Facing RICO Suit in Texas

by Mark Burdman

Currency Rates

How George Bush Ruined the Texas Oil and Banking Industry

by William Engdahl

Bush owes his early wealth to Texas oil. So, why would he pursue a policy which he knew would bankrupt tens of hundreds of companies in the U.S. independent oil industry?

China’s Plan To ‘Urbanize Villages’ Will Worsen, Not Solve, Crisis

by Michael Billington

Business Briefs


UN-Led Embargo Drives Iraq to Point of Collapse

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Iraq has complied with all UN resolutions (over 20), its weapons production facilities have been shut down and will be monitored, and its economy is on the verge of breakdown. Yet the embargo continues. To grasp the true strategic aim behind the aggression in the Persian Gulf war and the embargo, one must review the history of modern Iraq’s successful attempt to establish a model of industrialization for the developing sector.

Baghdad Conference Documents Genocidal Effect of UN Embargo

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

A report back from the “International Symposium of Non-Governmental Organizations on the Effects of the Embargo against Iraq,” held Sept. 12-14 in Baghdad, and attended by several hundred delegates from 25 nations.


Ruiz Massieu Assassination Shows Plot against Mexico

by Carlos Cota Meza

The murder of the secretary general of the ruling PRI party confirms the charges of the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement of a foreign conspiracy to destroy Mexico’s institutions.

Nigeria’s Abiola and Company: A Highly Manipulable Crowd

by Lydia Cherry

The Clinton Administration is being urged to intervene into Nigeria next, after Haiti. But the would-be “democracy” chief seems cut from the same cloth as Aristide.

Four Years after Reunification: The German Nation Needs New Ideas!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Slovakians Consider a Moral Ecology

by Angelika Beyreuther-Raimondi

Schiller Institute spokesmen from Germany and Russia contribute to a unique conference organized by the Christian Democratic Union of Ecologists in Slovakia and the Slovak Catholic Academy.

International Intelligence


Supreme Court Rebuffs OSI on Demjanjuk Case

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The court’s decision metes out overdue comeuppance not only to the fraudulent “Nazi hunters” in the Department of Justice, but to their power-hungry friends in the Anti-Defamation League as well.

EIR Readers Knew That North’s Contras Were Running Drugs

by Gretchen Small

A chronology.

California’s Wilson: Keep the Darkies Out

by Robert Ingraham

Anti-immigration hysteria is being used to cover up for the state’s bankruptcy.

CAN’s Kisser Refuses To Deny Past Drug Use

One of the linchpins in nasty operations against Lyndon LaRouche and his associates, was questioned in a legal proceeding in Chicago.

Sinn Fein Leader Tours United States

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Insane Plan Threatens the Missouri Basin

by Leif Johnson

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News