Volume 21, Number 45, November 11, 1994



Dick Spring

The Irish Foreign Minister brings a message of “optimism and hope” to Washington.

Mohammed Masjed Gami

The Iranian ambassador to the Holy See was interviewed in Khartoum, Sudan.

Cardinal Francis Arinze

A Nigerian member of the Roman Curia, Cardinal Arinze is in charge of Dialogue with Non-Christians for the Vatican and a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


Australia Dossier

by Michael J. Sharp

Australia For Sale, Cheap.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Put Railway Talks on the Fast Track!


Schiller’s Birthday.

Conference Report

Khartoum Conference Seeks Solutions in Moral Realm

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Reports from the second Inter-Religious Dialogue Conference.

How Iran, Vatican Cooperated on Cairo

An interview with Mohammed Masjed Gami.

Permanent Association Needed in Sudan

An interview with Cardinal Francis Arinze.

Sudanese Leaders Deal with the Issues

Questions to and answers from Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi, the chairman of the Popular Arab and Islamic Conference, and with Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin Al-Atabani, State Minister for Political Affairs.

Book Reviews

Guru Pushes ‘China Superpower’ Myth

by Mark Burdman

China, The Next Economic Superpower, by William H. Overholt.

Oligarchs First! Biodiversity and Eco-Terrorism’s Shock Troops

by Leo Scanlon

Walking on the Edge: How I Infiltrated Earth First! by Barry Clausen with Dana Rae Pomeroy.


Advanced Sector Debt Default Could Happen

by Richard Freeman

It’s not only the Third World debtors that are hanging from the cliff, but advanced-sector governments too, as Lyndon LaRouche warned in his ninth economic forecast last June.

Casablanca Summit Defers Plan for Mideast Development Bank

by Dean Andromidas

Still, the Israeli government is pressing for 150 regional development projects in infrastructure, water, agriculture, and industry.

Science Policy: Will We ‘Keep Malthus in His Grave’ Through the Space Program?

by Marsha Freeman

A report from the 45th Congress of the International Astronautical Federation, held in Jerusalem.

Currency Rates

Business Briefs


Royal Family Runs Indigenism To Cull the ‘Human Flock’

by Gretchen Small

Expanding upon the picture presented in our groundbreaking Oct. 28 issue on “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor,” we present here case studies from the Americas, of how the British Crown makes use of “indigenist” movements.

The Yanomamis: The British Royal Family’s Personal ‘Noble Savages’

by Silvia Palacios and Gretchen Small

Re-Creating the Brits’ Mosquito Protectorate

Peru’s Ashaninkas: Shining Path Butchers Thousands of Indians

How ‘Indigenism’ Killed the Cherokees

by Anton Chaitkin

Queen Elizabeth II Is Guilty in Canadian Eskimo Deportation

by Raynald Rouleau

EIR Windsor Special Report ‘Staggers’ WWF


Clinton Throws Support to Mideast Development Bank

by William Jones

President Clinton’s visit to the Mideast helped to keep the peace process on track, in the face of a new terrorist outbreak in Israel.

Tide Begins To Turn Against Serbian War of Aggression

by Katherine Kanter

To the dismay of Britain’s Gen. Sir Michael Rose, the openly pro-Serbian head of the UN “peacekeeping” forces.

Behind the Assassinations in Sri Lanka: All Is Not What It Seems

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

Argentina’s Future Demands Freedom for Colonel Seineldín

by Cynthia R. Rush

Documentation: A letter from Dr. Arturo Frondizi, the former President of Argentina, to current President Carlos Menem.

Where Are the Malvinas Combatants Today?

by Cynthia R. Rush

Whose Funeral Is This?

by Roman Bessonov

Not one, but several guns have been pointing at President Yeltsin’s head since October 1993. A Russian journalist reports.

Kholodov Death, Military Scandal Shake Russia

by Konstantin George

Venice Meeting Plots ‘the Death of Italy’

Prospects for Peace and Development in Ireland

An interview with Dick Spring.

From Kohl’s Victory, a Lesson for Europe

by Flaminio Piccoli

A guest commentary by Italy’s Sen. Flaminio Piccoli.

International Intelligence


Do British Royals Have Clinton in the Cross-Hairs?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Not as Lucky as Ollie, Bryant Is Convicted

by Leo Scanlon

J.C. Herbert Bryant, Jr., a multimillionaire from Virginia’s Loudoun County and participant in the “Get LaRouche” task force, will no longer be allowed to play policeman, as he languishes in his prison cell.

National News