Volume 21, Number 47, November 25, 1994



Cot. Muhammad Abdullahi Wase

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

The military administrator of Kano state discusses the impact of the International Monetary Fund’s structural adjustment programs.

Alhaji M.S. Umoru

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

The chairman of the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria calls for the United States to change its policy.

Marcos Gundiri

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

Mr. Gundiri is the head of the Hadejia Jamaare River Basin Development Authority in Kano state.


Report from Rio

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Cardoso Will Face Money Crisis.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Disturbing Green Signals from Germany.


The Legacy of Carroll Quigley.

Book Reviews

Resolved: People Are Not Pollution

by Paul Gallagher

Scarcity or Abundance: A Debate on the Environment, by Norman Myers and Julian Simon.

Books Received


‘Conservative Revolution’ Will Crush U.S. Economy

by Richard Freeman

The ghost of Friedrich von Hayek haunts the American corridors of power. What will be left of the economy, once the budget-cutters are finished?

Venezuela Proposes Energy Integration

by David Ramonet

‘Protecting Endangered Species’ Is a WWF Scam for One-World Government

by Allen Douglas and Joseph Brewda

The evil agenda of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna was interrupted by two correspondents from EIR.

Beware Prince Philip, Sunday Times Warns

Currency Rates

Malthusians Threaten China with the Food Weapon

by Rosa Tennenbaum

Lester Brown of the WorldWatch Institute complains that Chinese want to eat food, just as Americans do.

Business Briefs


British Free-Trade Policies Are Destroying Nigeria

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke report, the first in a series based upon a visit to Nigeria.

‘We Have Progress To Report Here in the State of Kano’

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

An interview with Col. Muhammad Abdullahi Wase.

We Need the Understanding of the American Government

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

An interview with Alhaji M.S. Umoru.

The Role of Water Projects and Irrigation in Developing Nigeria

by Lawrence Freeman and Uwe Friesecke

An interview with Marcos Gundiri.


EIR Goes Toe to Toe Against the House of Windsor

by Carlos Wesley

Around the world, the British royal family is going all out to prevent EIR from disseminating its Oct. 28 special report on “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor.”

Geneva Gatherings Will Fund WWF Mass Murder

Surrender to Narco-Terrorism Meets Growing Resistance in Colombia

by Javier Almario and Valerie Rush

Thatcher, Bush, and North Charged with ‘Breathtaking’ Lockerbie Coverup

by Mark Burdman

The film “The Maltese Double Cross” created an uproar after its showing in the British House of Commons.

Irish Peace Process Is in Peril as Government Falls

by Mary Jane Freeman

Schiller Institute Celebrates Poet’s 235th Birthday

by Susan Welsh

LaRouche: British Geopolitics Is Behind Yeltsin’s Attacks on U.S.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

New Suez Crisis over U.S. Moves in Balkans

by Katherine Kanter

Algeria Plunges into Civil War

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

French Politics: Foiling the Trap

by Jacques Cheminade

Exposes the limits of the terms of the political debate in this pivotal nation.

Background: The French Presidential Elections

by Christine Schier

International Intelligence


Voters Flirt with Fascism in Mid-Term Elections

by Mel Klenetsky

But, Gingrich and company should think again if they believe that Americans have really bought their fascist programs.

Newt Gingrich’s New Age Kookery

LaRouche Launches Attack on Fascist ‘Privatizers’

by H. Graham Lowry

Education: Privatizer Whittle Going Down the Tubes

by Suzanne Rose

Criminal Justice in the Conservative Revolution

by Marianna Wertz

The American Legislative Exchange Council’s “Report Card on Crime and Punishment” is a prescription for more crime, not less.

Oregon Embraces Assisted Suicide

by Linda Everett

National News


On page 52 of our Nov. 4 issue, the view expressed by Prof. Marc Gijdara at an Oct. 17 conference on “Balkan Unity” in the French National Assembly, was mischaracterized, due to an editorial error. Professor Gijdara did not recommend that certain regions of former Yugoslavia now in Serbian hands, become autonomous.