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Volume 22, Number 5, January 27, 1995

Cover of EIR Volume 22, Number 5, January 27, 1995

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Dr. Dalhatu Sarui Tafida  

by Uwe Friesecke and Lawrence Freeman

Nigeria’s Minister of Health has been active in politics in the state of Kaduna and on the national level, including running for the Presidency.

Jim Evans  

by Suzanne Rose

A member of the Mississippi state legislature, Representative Evans is a member of the Public Health Care Committee and chairman of the Black Caucus Health Care Committee.


On the Green Front  

by Rogelio A. Maduro

More Lies about Ozone Depletion.

Report from Bonn  

by Rainer Apel

Some Genies Are Out of the Bottle.


Credibility, Not Plausibility.


Credit Guarantees Won’t Stop Global Financial Mudslide  

by Christopher White

The stabilization package put together by the U.S. Administration for Mexico is just a holding action; it will not solve the problem of the collapsing world financial system.

Mexico Shock Waves Hit European Currencies  

by William Engdahl

Currency Rates  

LaRouche Associates Intervene in California Financial Crisis  

A memorandum by EIR’s John Hoefle, circulated to members of the California state House and Senate.


by Rosa Tennenbaum

EU Expands—At Farmers’ Expense.

Business Briefs  


Mexico’s Debt Bomb Explodes; Who Will Follow?  

by Dennis Small

Analyzes the Mexican financial crisis, from the standpoint of EIR’s 13-year record of being right, when everybody else was wrong, about the so-called Mexican miracle.

Mexico’s Financial Crisis: Metastasis of a Speculative Cancer  

by Carlos Cota Meza

Mexico’s Physical Economy: The Body That the Debt Cancer Is Destroying  

by Dennis Small and Peter Rush

LaRouche’s Method of Physical Economy  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Pope in Asia: Target of Prince Philip’s Gamekeepers  

by Lydia Cherry

Thronged by even larger crowds than at his Poland homecoming, John Paul II presented humanity’s tasks for the coming millennium.

Italy Becomes a Test Tube for ‘Asiatic Authoritarian’ Model  

by Claudio Celani

The new Prime Minister, Lamberto Dini, is a former executive director of the International Monetary Fund, and he now heads up a government of technocrats pledged to do the bidding of the City of London.

Yeltsin Between Two Fires  

by Roman Bessonov

Our St. Petersburg correspondent looks at the political fallout from Russia’s brutal war in Chechnya.

IMF Sabotages Nigeria’s Fight Against Disease  

by Uwe Friesecke and Lawrence Freeman

An interview with Dr. Daihatu Sarui Tafida.

International Intelligence  


Backlash Begins against Gramm-Gingrich Gang  

by H. Graham Lowry

A report issued by the Treasury Department’s Office of Economic Policy projects that more than $1 trillion would be cut from federal programs in seven years, with the passage of a balanced budget amendment and the Republican Party’s “Contract with America.”

Farrakhan Calls for Class Action Suit To Force Release of FBI, DOJ Files  

by Dennis Speed

Documentation: From the text of a statement by Minister Louis Farrakhan at Mosque Maryaam in Chicago.

Michael Fitzpatrick, an FBI-ADL Hit Man  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Federal Judge Says Oregon Euthanasia Law May Violate Constitution  

by Linda Everett

The Privatizers Are Pirates Coming To Steal from Taxpayers  

by Suzanne Rose

An interview with Jim Evans.

Congressional Closeup  

by William Jones

National News  

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