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Volume 22, Number 14, March 31, 1995

Cover of EIR Volume 22, Number 14, March 31, 1995

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Jorge Constantino Kanter  

The president of the Belisario Domínguez Regional Union of Rural Property Owners of Altamirano, Chiapas. Mexico, Kanter headed the growers’ hunger strike in Mexico City.



Good Riddance.


Derivatives Crisis Sparks Calls for Emergency Action  

by Anthony K. Wikrent

From Germany’s Helmut Schmidt to France’s François Mitterrand, European leaders are demanding measures to prevent a repeat of the Barings bankruptcy. But there is something missing in their program.

China Draws Lessons of Barings Collapse  

by Mary Burdman

The shenanigans of derivatives traders in the Far East has Beijing’s leaders worried, and they are taking protective action.

Currency Rates  

Business Briefs  

Special Report

Most ‘Terrorist Experts’ Spout Fairy-Tales  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Analyzes terrorism, and the disinformation of so-called “terrorism experts,” as modern irregular warfare against the nation-state.

Chronicle of a Zapatista Conspiracy  

by Marivilia Carrasco and Hugo López Ochoa

A Zapatista Network in the U.S. Military?  

Britain’s ‘Chiapas International’  

by Joseph Brewda

Sorbonne: Center of Indigenous Terrorism  

by Joseph Brewda

The Heidegger file: Ruiz’s Ideological Support Networks in Germany  

by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Action Anthropologists Train the ‘Indigenous’ Shock-Troops  

by Gretchen Small

The São Paulo Forum: The Narco-Terrorist International  

The EZLN’s Terrorism: An Eyewitness Account  

by Hugo López Ochoa

Government Must Act Against Zapatistas  

An interview with Jorge Constantino Kanter.

The Economic Toll of the Zapatista Insurgency  

Mexico: Profiles in Fascism  

Samuel Ruiz, the Red Bishop of Chiapas — Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Terrorists’ Frontman — Manuel Camacho Solís, United Nations Agent — Marcos, Terrorist from a Test Tube.

How LaRouche Unearthed the Truth about International Terrorism  

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Scott Thompson

EIR’s 15-year Record on Chiapan Terrorism  


British Elites Gather To Reverse ‘Inevitable Decline’  

by Mark Burdman

The Chatham House conference on “Britain in the World” will feature none other than Henry Kissinger and Prince Charles.

IMF Tightens Its Grip on Ukraine  

by Konstantin George

Britain and U.S. Renew Iraq Embargo  

by Hussein Al-Nadeem

Chávez Caught Running Venezuela-Colombia Border Provocation  

by Miguel Angel Piedra

The French Elections: Cheminade Throws His Hat into the Ring  

The ruling nomenklatura, which is trying to keep the Presidential election under tight control, is in for a big surprise.

International Intelligence  


Is Clinton a Target of Brits’ ‘Long, Hot Summer’?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The strategic context for understanding the current political attacks on HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and others.

Congressional Closeup  

by William Jones

National News  

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