Volume 22, Number 25, June 16, 1995



Francis Boyle

by Katharine Kanter

Professor Boyle teaches public international law at the University of Illinois. He acted as legal advisor to the Bosnian government during the so-called Peace Conference on Former Yugoslavia, held under UN-European Community aegis in Geneva in 1993.

Alhaji Abiola Ogundokun

by Uwe Friesecke

Delegate to the National Constitutional Conference and Yoruba chief from Osun state.

Chief Emea Udu Oji

by Uwe Friesecke

Delegate to the National Constitutional Conference from Abia state.

Science and Technology

MHD Pulsed Power for Geophysical Research

by Marsha Freeman

Russian Academician E.P. Velikhov, speaking at a meeting of the American Physical Society in Washington, D.C. on April 20, made an appeal to scientists to apply what he termed “exotic technologies” developed during the Cold War to solve scientific problems.


From Thatcher Ruin to IMF Rule?

by Mark Burdman

The State We’re In, by Will Hutton.


Dateline Mexico

by Hugo López Ochoa

Insurrection Plotted against Zedillo.

Report from Paris

by Christine Bierre and Dana Scanlon

Behold, the “Dirigist Liberal.”


The future of NATO.


Group of Seven Meets as Financial Mudslide Quickens

by Anthony K. Wikrent

On the eve of the Halifax economic summit, it appeared that the champions of usury, speculation, and post-industrial madness have squelched consideration of reality-oriented proposals, such as a tax on currency speculation or a return to fixed exchange rates.

Former Privatization Chief Calls For a New Policy for Russia

by Denise Henderson

Vladimir Polevanov, fired in January as chief of privatization, detailed how the International Monetary Fund has looted Russia.

Currency Rates

Iran-Contra Link to Schneider Real Estate Scandal Emerges

by Dean Andromidas

Some of Germany’s largest commercial banks, like Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank, had lost millions on Jürgen Schneider’s real estate bubble.

Brazil’s Radical Economic Reforms Provoke Unrest in the Military

by Silvia Palacios and Lorenzo Carrasco

Controversy Over India’s Dabhol Power Plant Deal Irks Washington

by Ramtanu Maitra

The IMF’s ‘Reforms’ Brought Economic Ruin to Egypt

by Dr. Adel Hussein

The secretary general of the Labour Party of Egypt spoke to the May 17 Schiller Institute Development Conference in Washington.

Business Briefs


Don’t Let ‘Profit Vultures’ Bring the Economy Down

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

In a recent speech in Washington, reports on a growing concern among a minority of central European elites, “that the majority of the top banking and government elite of the world have lost control already, and that we are indeed facing a genuine breakdown of the system-a breakdown which is completely different than anything which has previously happened in history, different than the 1923 inflation in Germany, different than the Great Depression of the 1930s, and even different than the collapse of the fourteenth century.”


In Bosnia, the Time Is for Total War

by Katharine Kanter

All that has happened in early June, is coherent with a U.S. plan leaked to the press under the name “Determined Effort,” or Plan 40 104.

Documentation: A prophetic speech by the late Bosnian Foreign Minister Irfan Ljubijankic.

Hopeful Signs in Mideast Peace Talks, as Germany’s Kohl Pledges Economic Aid

by Adam East and Hussein Al-Nadeem

Who Is Escalating Tension in Kashmir?

by Ramtanu Maitra

British Elites Promote ‘Blair Option’ as Major Decomposes

by Mark Burdman

Ibero-America Targeted for New Terrorist Offensive

by Gretchen Small

Communism was alive at the São Paulo Forum conference in Uruguay.

Peru: NGOs Set Off Renewed Irregular War

by Sara Madueño

Globalists Angling for Colombia ‘Peace’ Talks

by Javier Almario

Nigeria’s Constitutional Conference Ends on Note of National Unity

by Lawrence Freeman

International Intelligence


Former Aide to Mark Richard Indicted in Drug Crackdown

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Michael Abbell’s indictment in the U.S. actions against the Cali Cartel could be a step in cleaning out corrupt networks that have sabotaged anti-drug efforts for years.

Republicans Obstruct Clinton Foreign Policy

by William Jones

Supreme Court Rediscovers Constitution, Rejects Term Limits Scheme

by Edward Spannaus

The May 22 ruling highlighted the absurdity of the “liberal-conservative” categories which most commentators use in analyzing the voting blocs on the Supreme Court.

Documentation: Excerpts from the Opinion of the Court of the Supreme Court of the United States in U.S. Term Limits, Inc., et al. v. Thornton et al., as delivered by Associate Justice John Paul Stevens.

‘Clear the Shadows over LaRouche’

by Prof. Tullio Grimaldi

A commentary after his recent visit to Washington, by Prof. Tullio Grimaldi, who is vice chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies in Rome, and is also a judge in the Italian Supreme Court.

National News