Volume 22, Number 26, June 23, 1995



Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

Exposé of Royals Draws Blood.


The Rights of Men, Women, and Children.

Strategic Studies

LaRouche Presents Economic Recovery Program in Moscow

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Russia and the United States “have a historic, common interest to fulfill” in putting the central banking system into bankruptcy and launching a new monetary system, Lyndon H. LaRouche said on June 8 in an address to the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow.


Clinton Puts Financial Reform on International Agenda

by William Jones

The “reforms” proposed in the final communiqué of the Halifax summit of the Group of Seven will do nothing to solve the crisis; but behind the scenes were battles over the real issues of economic development.

Mexican Private Banking System Is Melting Down

by Carlos Cota Meza

Of the 18 private banks still in existence, six have resorted to the federal bailout entity Procapte.

Currency Rates

Japan’s Banking Crisis Could Trigger Global Financial Collapse

by William Engdahl

Disclosure of huge bad loans lifts the veil off a crisis that is now five years old.

The Third World’s Biological Holocaust Can Be Stopped

by Carol Hugunin

New research shows that easily cured nutritional deficiencies could be a major factor in countries afflicted by deadly outbreaks like that of the Ebola virus.

‘Shock Therapy’ Yields Food Crisis in CIS

by Rosa Tennenbaum and Marcia Merry Baker

Armenia’s President Deludes His Countrymen

by Vigen Akopyan

“Minimum wage” is purely symbolic.

Business Briefs


Three Drug Busts Prove Dope, Inc. Can Be Defeated

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Indictment Against the Cali Cartel

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Colombia’s Samper Hits Cali Cartel, But Negotiates With ‘Third Cartel’

by Javier Almario

Will Robert Vesco Spill the Beans on Dope, Inc.?

by Richard Freeman and Jeffrey Steinberg

How Vesco Set Up the Medellín Cartel

by Gretchen Small

From Vesco-IOS to Milken-Drexel Burnham

Soros Provides Funds for Drug Legalization

by Scott Thompson

Bush’s Legalization Strategy Set Back in Colombia

by Valerie Rush

Panama: George Bush’s Narco Government

Venezuela: Cisneros & Co. in the Sights

LaRouche Was Right: 20-Year War on Drugs


Shut Down UN’s Beijing Conference on Women

by Marianna Wertz and Linda de Hoyos

Documentation: Excerpts from the Draft Platform for Action of Proposals for Consideration in the Preparation of a Draft Declaration, and the Draft Platform for Action Commission on the Status of Women at its 39th session.

Bosnians Gather Forces for an Offensive To Liberate the Nation

by Katharine Kanter

To deal with the Bosnian war, Lyndon LaRouche urges the United States military to recover the winning philosophy it had before MacArthur was fired.

China Cleans Out British Free Trade Vulnerabilities

by Michael Billington

Kissinger’s China War Comes to Congress

by Kathy Wolfe

‘Green’ Vice President of German Parliament Praises Paganism

by Rainer Apel

Baroness Lynda Chalker Targets Kenya for Tribal Warfare

by Joseph Brewda

Italy at the Crossroads

by Claudio Celani

Part I of a Series: Is Italy in Danger of Fascism?

International Intelligence


Whitewater Starr Chamber May Be Running Out of Steam

by Edward Spannaus

It may not be accidental that at the same time that the Clinton Administration is making some dramatic moves against drug-trafficking and money-laundering networks—moves which implicitly hit circles closely linked to George Bush’s secret government apparatus which came to prominence in the 1980s—the attacks on President Clinton himself seem to be escalating.

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones and Carl Osgood

National News