Volume 22, Number 27, June 30, 1995


Special Report

Get the Criminals Out of the U.S. Justice Department

by Jeffrey Steinberg

On July 12, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to begin hearings on the tragic 1993 events at Waco, Texas. But with the GOP partisan swords out, there is a danger that the hearings will cover up for the real criminal apparatus inside the Department of Justice.

Who Really Runs the Justice Department? John Keeney, Mark Richard, and the DOJ Permanent Bureaucracy

by Edward Spannaus

A look at the gray eminences who shun publicity.

The DOJ Targets Black Officials

by Debra Hanania Freeman

DOJ Commits Fraud Upon the Court and Attempted Murder by Decree

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Demjanjuk case and other flagrant abuses by the Office of Special Investigations.

Fraud by the OSI: the Arthur Rudolph Case

by Marsha Freeman

Vendetta against LaRouche Shows Blatant DOJ Corruption

by Bruce Director

The Department’s behavior against a political opponent in the 1980s shows that the pattern started long before the Clinton era.

Who Let Kidnapper Galen Kelly Go Free?

by Bruce Director

A Rogue’s Gallery: From A to Z in the ‘Get LaRouche’ Task Force

Clinton’s Enemies Ran the Massacres at Waco, Ruby Creek

by Scott Thompson

The British Dirty Game of ‘Wacogate’

by Anton Chaitkin

Waco ‘Defenders’ Helped Cover Up JFK Assassination

by Anton Chaitkin

Book Reviews

Satan’s Children Declare War on the Nation-State

by Mark Burdman

Saturn’s Children: How the State Devours Liberty, Prosperity and Virtue, by Alan Duncan and Dominic Hobson.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Creating Jobs through Great Projects.

Dateline Mexico

by Gerardo Castilleja

Dead-End “Dialogue” with the EZLN.


Henry Kissinger on the Road to Ascot.


Venezuela Becomes a Model in the Fight for Sovereignty

by Carlos Méndez

What Venezuela is experiencing is in essence no different from what the other countries of Ibero-America are going through. The difference is that, unlike some of the bigger continental powers, like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, President Rafael Caldera is fighting back.

Italian Party Debates LaRouchean Economics

by Andrew Spannaus

First the Popular Party head Rocco Buttiglione came out calling for major infrastructural projects. Then the party newspaper ran an article calling for a national bank, citing EIR and Lyndon LaRouche.

LaRouche Addresses Forum in Warsaw

by Frank Hahn

Conference Report: ‘Vision’ Shortsighted on Agriculture

by Carl Osgood

Currency Rates

‘Ozone Hole’ Hoaxsters Exposed at AGU Science Conference

by Rogelio A. Maduro and Jim Olson

China Declares Science To Be ‘the Top Productive Force’

by Mary Burdman

A conference is called “historic” in the Chinese press. Western media ignore it.

Who Are the British, To Complain of a Hungry China?

by Mary Burdman

Business Briefs


The Strategic Shift in Bosnia and Croatia

by Michael Liebig

An analysis filed on June 22 by Michael Liebig, just back from a front-line tour in the Balkans.

Vatican Hits ‘Imbalance’ in Beijing Draft

The Ashes of Chechnya and the Jewels of the British Crown

by Roman Bessonov

Uproar over Pedophilia Charges in Australia

by Bruce Jacobs

The spotlight is back on Zionist figure Mark Leibler.

Fight over Algeria Policy Is on the International Agenda

by Dean Andromidas and Hussein Al-Nadeem

A Strategy for Solving Russia’s Current Political and Economic Crisis

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A speech on June 8 at Moscow State University.

International Intelligence


Militia Hearings Become a Dog and Pony Show

by Leo Scanlon

The June 15 hearings of a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, left untouched such key questions as: Whose political ideas are circulating in this populist milieu, and who benefits from the existence of this formation?

Bush Says He Has ‘Respect’ for Gingrich

The “irrationalism-thing” frequently displayed by the former President while in office seems not to have abated in retirement, as a TV interview on June 13 showed.

The End Game in Fusion Funding

by Mark Wilsey

National News


The caption of the cover picture in the June 23 issue was transposed. Cali cartel druglord Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela was second from the right in the photo.