Volume 22, Number 31, August 4, 1995



Report from Paris

by Christine Bierre

New Relations with Morocco.

Andean Report

by Javier Almario

Samper On the Take.


British Fascists Out of the Closet.

Science & Technology

U.S. and Russia Link Manned Space Programs

by Marsha Freeman

The docking of the Space Shuttle Atlantis to the Russian Mir space station marked a milestone in scientific, economic, and diplomatic relations between the two space superpowers.


Food Cartel Set To Make a Killing off Soaring Prices

by Marcia Merry Baker

Top financial circles, recognizing that the global financial breakup could hit as early as this fall, or next year, are moving, through “smart” investments, to buy up gold and controlling interests in food production, on the estimate that super-profits are coming down the line.

Shock Therapy Takes Its Toll in Ukraine

by Konstantin George

The author, Konstantin George, spent the better part of July in the city of Lviv, with 1 million inhabitants, the main metropolis of western Ukraine.

Currency Rates

Venezuela’s Caldera Rejects Mexico Model

by David Ramonet

Free-Market Reforms Have Turned Poland into a Maquiladora

by Anna Kaczor-Wei

Documentation: “Privatization Threatens Polish Independence”: a speech to the Polish Parliament by Wojciech Blasiak, from the Coalition of the Independent Poland.

Business Briefs


Georg Cantor’s Contribution to a New Renaissance

by Dino de Paoli

Speech to a conference of the Schiller Institute in Halle, Germany on May 6, 1995, marking the 100th anniversary of discovery of the “paradox of the Absolute” by one of the greatest mathematicians of the past century.

“Die Worte des Glaubens” (“Words of Faith”)

by Friedrich Schiller

Translated by John Sigerson.

No Limits to Growth: Cantor’s Concept of Infinity in Economic Science

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Keynote address to the Halle conference.

Cantor and the Future of the Natural Sciences

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Cantor’s chief contribution to future scientific and technological revolutions is not to be sought mainly in “mathematical structures” but in the improved quality of scientific thinking, which a deep acquaintance with Cantor’s own process of discovery can bring.


Under U.S.-French Alliance, NATO Gives UN the Boot

by Edward Spannaus and Mark Burdman

The agreement between Clinton and Chirac has begun to reverse the years of appeasement of Serbian war crimes set into motion under Thatcher and Bush, and actively backed by former French President François Mitterrand.

A ‘Second Chiapas’ Brews in Guerrero

by Carlos Méndez

Germany: Euthanasia Comes One Step Closer

by Jutta Dinkermann

Armenia: A Farce Is Passed Off as Elections

by Haik Babookhanian

By a leader of the Union of Constitutional Rights in Armenia, a member of Yerevan’s City Council, and a newspaper editor.

International Intelligence


Battle over Medicare at Center of 1996 Election

by Nancy Spannaus

President Clinton vows an all-out political fight to save the program from the draconian cuts contained in the Republican budget.

Gingrich Touted for Police-State Role

by Scott Thompson

Sir Peregrine Worsthorne’s July 23 column in a London paper spills the beans on how the British oligarchy intends to replace the welfare state.

Waco Hearings Become a Partisan Standoff

by Leo Scanlon

Whitewater Hearings Degrade U.S. Senate

by Edward Spannaus

Congressional Closeup

by William Jones

National News