Volume 22, Number 47, November 24, 1995



Prof. I.Ya. Froyanov

by Gabriele Liebig and Konstantin Cheremnykh

The Dean of the History Faculty at St. Petersburg State University spoke to Gabriele Liebig of the German Schiller Institute and St. Petersburg journalist Konstantin Cheremnykh.

Aleksei V. Vorontsov and Leonid P. Romankov

by Gabriele Liebig and Konstantin Cheremnykh

Both are deputies of the St. Petersburg City Duma (city council). Dr. Vorontsov chairs the City Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education, and Mr. Romankov chairs the Committee on Education and Culture.

Book Reviews

Targeting Injustice on Too Low a Level

by Marianna Wertz

Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town, by Pete Earley.

Strategic Studies

Russians To Vote for Duma as Economy Continues To Slide

by Gabriele Liebig

The editor in chief of the German weekly Neue Solidarität and member of the Schiller Institute in Germany reports on her visit to St. Petersburg, Russia for a week in October.

Low Wages Causing Our Brain Drain in Science

by Gabriele Liebig and Konstantin Cheremnykh

An interview with I.Ya. Froyanov.

St. Petersburg City Deputies Discuss Effects of Global Financial Crisis

by Gabriele Liebig and Konstantin Cheremnykh

An interview with Aleksei V. Vorontsov and Leonid P. Romankov.


Andean Report

by Andrea Olivieri

Samper’s Ship Is Sinking.

Dateline Mexico

by Jacobo Frontini

Zapatistas Defended by Foreigners.


Why Newt Gingrich is finished.


LaRouche: U.S. Must Rid World of British ‘Free Trade’

by Nora Hamerman

Lyndon LaRouche addresses a conference of the Schiller Institute in Washington, D.C.

Mexico’s Financial ‘Fix’ Comes Unglued

by Valerie Rush

Argentina Reaching the Breaking Point

by Cynthia R. Rush and Gonzalo Huertas

How London, Kissinger, and Don Regan Caused Japan’s Bank Crisis

by Kathy Wolfe

While a staggering amount of paper in Japan may be rotten, the physical economy of Japan is in better shape than that of most countries. This report shows that Japan’s bank crisis was the result of the same British monetarism which has bankrupted the United States and the world financial system.

Business Briefs


Deadly Diseases Could Wipe Out the Human Species

by Rogelio A. Maduro

There are many localized reasons for the emergence and reemergence of deadly infectious diseases. The underlying reason, however, is the collapse of the world economy. In order to pay the foreign debt, Third World nations have been forced to impose savage cuts in public health measures and infrastructural development projects. The standards of living in Third World nations have collapsed, and even advanced-sector nations like the United States are not ready to deal with the new pandemics.

LaRouche Forecast the Rise of Pandemics

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

WHO’s Reasons for New and Reemerging Diseases

U.S. Can Still Stop the Spread of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

by Carol Hugunin

While AIDS may appear to be under control in the U.S., concomitant diseases such as tuberculosis will become rampant if the health care cuts go through.


London Is the Real Executioner in Nigeria

by Linda de Hoyos and Lydia Cherry

The Nigerian government’s execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa has given the British crusade against Nigeria a new lease on life.

LaRouche Blasts Carlsson’s Lies about Murder of Palme

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Terror War Continues against Mideast Peace

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Inflatable Pluralism-95 (Let All the Bubbles Bloom)

by Roman Bessonov

Report from St. Petersburg.

Gingrich Gang Could Wreck Bosnia Talks

by Umberto Pascali

Documentation: President Clinton and Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott warn that this century could end as it began, with a world war starting in Sarajevo.

International Intelligence


Clinton Calls Gingrich’s Bluff on Federal Shutdown

by Ronald Kokinda

“I don’t care what the price is,” the Squeaker of the House said last September. His forcing the government to shut down has now been compared to everything from an infantile temper tantrum, to a Rumpelstiltskin fit of rage, to a “good imitation of Capt. Queeg slowly unraveling into resentment and self-pity.”

Neo-Conservatives Use SDI against Clinton’s Russian Diplomacy

by Marsha Freeman

Documentation: Excerpts from “The Blunder in U.S. National Security Policy,” a Presidential campaign report by Lyndon LaRouche.

Spannaus Hits ‘Contract’ in Campaign for Senate

by L. Wolfe

U.S. State Department Fingered LaRouche to Muslim Brotherhood

by Edward Spannaus

National News