Volume 22, Number 48, December 1, 1995



Vitaly V. Melnikov and Elena Drapeko

by Gabriele Liebig and Konstantin Cheremnykh

Mrs. Drapeko, an actress, was responsible for Cultural Affairs in the St. Petersburg City Council, and is now an independent candidate for the Russian State Duma. Mr. Melnikov is film director and artistic director at the “Lenfilm” Film Production Association, and chairman of the St. Petersburg Film Makers’ Association.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

A “Left” Alternative in Germany?


Rebuild the Democratic Party.


Nations Need Sovereignty To Solve the Food Crisis

by Marcia Merry Baker and Rosa Tennenbaum

In response to the thug tactics of the food cartels and the international agencies, officials in China, India, Russia, and elsewhere have begun re-asserting food self-sufficiency.

Fraud of Dutch Liberal Dope Policy Exposed

by Christina Huth

Currency Rates

Business Briefs


To Ourselves and our Posterity

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Introduces a report addressing the citizen’s need to be informed of the truth which Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt knew about the relations between the United States and its traditional adversary, the British monarchy.

The Anti-Newtonian Roots of the American Revolution

by Philip Valenti

Debunks the baseless supposition, that the strongest influences on the American founders include the political philosophy of John Locke, and his predecessor Thomas Hobbes, as well as the allegedly rational scientific system of Isaac Newton. Exactly the opposite was true!

America’s ‘National Party’ Spearheaded the Battle against British Ideology

by Anton Chaitkin

Founding Fathers Sought To Abolish Slavery

James Wilson and the Truth about ‘Three-Fifths’

The ‘Deranged’ Newton

by John Maynard Keynes

Cotton Mather’s Leibnizian Conspiracy

by H. Graham Lowry


Bosnian Accord: Heartbreaks, But Also Opportunities

by Michael Liebig

Despite its drawbacks, the accord does open up the possibility for further negotiations, including on economic issues, which are required for a durable settlement.

Algeria: Election Farce May Prove Serious

by Anna Varga

Documentation: FIS appeals to Zeroual.

Chirac Capitulates to Bankers, with Cabinet Shakeup and Austerity Drive

by Christine Bierre

The French President, under heavy international pressure, chose the austerity program demanded of him by the financial establishment, reneging on his electoral promises to the voters. As a result, an enormous strike wave looms.

A Look at Art and Culture in Russia

by Gabriele Liebig and Konstantin Cheremnykh

Our correspondents conducted this interview on Oct. 10 at the “Lenfilm” studio in St. Petersburg.

British Lords Are Behind the Destabilization of Nigeria

by Joseph Brewda

Documentation: Excerpts from the diary of a murdered Ogoni elder; interview with a Saro-Wiwa underling; profiles of the NGOs which run Ogoniland from London.

Kenule Saro-Wiwa: London’s Pawn In Action

by Lydia Cherry and David Cherry

International Intelligence


‘Crybaby Newt’ Gingrich Becomes Public Enemy No.1

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The leader of the Conservative Revolution has become the target of a national outpouring of ridicule, despite a congressional vote saying it’s illegal to call the Speaker of the House a “crybaby.”

House Votes: You Can’t Call Gingrich a ‘Crybaby’

by Carl Osgood

DEA Head Slams ‘Wealthy’ Drug Legalization Clique

by L. Wolfe

Bush Boosts British Plan To Break Up U.S.

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Former Socialist French President Mitterrand predicted the breakup of the United States, and Margaret Thatcher spouted venom against Germany, at George Bush’s has-beens party in Colorado.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News