Volume 22, Number 49, December 8, 1995


Special Report

Who Is Responsible for the World Food Shortage  

by Marcia Merry Baker

The grain transport breakdown is but one recent example of breakdown in the food supply in what is considered the most food-secure nation in the world, and illustrates the fact that “natural disasters”—bad weather, floods, droughts—are not the cause of the world’s food crises.

World Food Shortage Follows Imposed Import-Dependency  

by John Hoefle and Marcia Merry Baker

Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide  

by Joseph Brewda

The infamous NSSM 200 revisited.

The Windsors’ Global Food Cartel: Instrument for Starvation  

by Richard Freeman

Control by the Food Cartel Companies: Profiles and Histories  

by Richard Freeman

The Cartel ‘Experts’ Decide Who Eats  

by Charles Tuttle and Marcia Merry Baker

Profiles of Lester Brown and Dennis Avery.

Book Reviews

Dirty U.S. Military Networks Implicated in King Assassination

by Edward Spannaus

Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin Luther King, by William F. Pepper.



An End to Kings, Queens, and Oligarchs.


New Banking Crisis Is Set To Rock France

by William Engdahl

Two processes—social chaos and a financial blowout—are intersecting to create one of the most unstable political and financial conditions in the industrial world, potentially rivaling the ongoing Japanese crisis.

Currency Rates

Brazilian Government Makes a Death Pact with the Banks

by Lorenzo Carrasco Bazúa

Australia Becomes a Colonial Quarry

by Michael J. Sharp

Business Briefs


Mexico’s Free-Trade ‘Miracle’ Is Based on Dope and Looting

by Valerie Rush

The truth about one of the most favored “Bush babies,” former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, is finally coming out in public, and the ramifications go far, far beyond Mexico.

The Fall of the House of Windsor Is On

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Paul Goldstein

Euromed in Barcelona: Noble Ends, But Can ‘Free Trade’ Attain Them?

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

A conference report.

Afghansis Draw Blood in War against Pakistan

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

Cairo Reveals Names of Terrorists in Pakistan

Colombia: Samper Must Go, for Democracy To Survive

by Andrea Olivieri

Documentation: Death Threats Escalate vs. EIR in Colombia: a chronology.

Narco-Terrorists behind Brazil Raytheon Scandal

by Silvia Palacios and Lorenzo Carrasco

Dialogue Sets Haiti Trap for Clinton

by Carlos Wesley

Presidential Election in Poland: Shock Therapy Now from the Left

by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

International Intelligence


Clinton Trip Marks Death Knell of British Empire

by William Jones and Edward Spannaus

The President’s visit to England, Northern Ireland, and the Irish Republic, was one of the most important events in his Presidency.

Republicans Respond to Bosnia Accord

by Kathleen Klenetsky and Mel Klenetsky

Newt’s Freshmen Are ‘Gangsta Reps’

by Mark Sonnenblick

The sleaze factor in the Congressional Cloakroom: the case of Enid Waldholtz.

Emergency Call Goes Out To Stop Newt

Black Leaders Demand Hearings on DOJ Abuse

by Marianna Wertz

National News