Volume 22, Number 50, December 15, 1995



Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Foul Compromises on the “Old Debt.”


A Thought for Christmas.


Drug-Money Crackdown Hits City of London Bankers

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Clinton Administration goes after a key factor in the present international financial disintegration: the frenzy of banking deregulation.

Real Target of French Strikers Is the Maastricht Treaty

by Christine Bierre

The gap between President Chirac and the French people appears to be unbridgeable.

Conference Reports That Vector-Borne Diseases Threaten the World’s People

by Rogelio A. Maduro and Charles B. Stevens

Currency Rates

Zero, Zero, Zero...

by Roman Bessonov

That is what Chernomyrdin has reduced Russia’s economy to.

Business Briefs


The Lords of Loudoun

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Virginia Hunt Country: The ‘Ass-End of London’

by L. Wolfe

British Royals At Home in Virginia Hunt Country

by Scott Thompson

Albert V. Bryan, Jr.: Alexandria’s Racist Tory Establishment

by Steven Meyer

Judge Bryan Railroaded Lyndon LaRouche

John Wesley Hanes, Jr.: The Carolina Tie to Northern Virginia

by Roger Moore

Hanes and the Nuclear Club of Wall Street

Magalen Ohrstrom Bryant: A Hunt Country Asset of the British Crown

by L. Wolfe

Maggie Bryant’s Private Toll Road Scam

Bryant’s GETF Pushes Environmental Sabotage

Arthur Windsor ‘Nicky’ Arundel: Hunt Country Crowd’s Minister of Propaganda

by L. Wolfe

The Arundel Family’s Role in Genocide in Africa

George Mason University: A Base for British ‘Free Market’ Warfare

by Charles Tuttle and Steven Meyer

The Focal Point System for Covert Action

by Edward Spannaus

ARGUS: A Profile of Focal Point Operations

by Leo Scanlon

Focal Point Network Targets LaRouche

by Edward Spannaus


Clinton in Northern Ireland Thwarts British Operations

by William Jones

The three-day visit of President Clinton to Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and Ireland marked a defining moment of his Presidency’s battle against the British oligarchy.

Schiller Institute Meets in Germany: ‘The Future Determines the Present’

by Werner Hartmann

Documentation: The “Memorandum to Mankind 1996: World Catastrophe or Progress of Civilization?” drafted at the Dec. 2-3 conference in Eltville, Germany.

‘Dayton Accord Is a First Step’

by Faris Nanic

The secretary general of Bosnia’s ruling Party of Democratic Action (SDA) in Croatia addresses the Schiller Institute Conference Dec. 2-3.

Drug Cartel Threatens Colombian Opponents

by Andrea Olivieri

A warning from Maximiliano Londoño to President Samper not to keep letting his political opponents be slain.

Free Trade = Drugs: Looking Close Up at the ‘Salinas Model’ in Mexico

by Valerie Rush

With a fact sheet on the Salinas family’s role as touchstone of foreign intervention.

EIR Was Right about Mexico’s Salinas

The Philippines: Is Manila Heading ‘Down Mexico Way’?

by Gail G. Billington

British-Backed Separatist Movement Escalates in Italy

by Claudio Celani

Anti-Caldera Coalition Defeated in Venezuelan Elections

by David Ramonet

International Intelligence


Gingrich Battered by FEC, House Ethics Complaints

by Suzanne Rose

What remains to be done is to challenge the popular axioms which softened up Americans for Newt’s now increasingly unpopular austerity policies.

Congress Still Threatens Default

by Carl Osgood

America and the Irish Revolution

by Anton Chaitkin

Background to the news: Historian Anton Chaitkin recalls 200 years of joint projects for a peace-winning economic strategy.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News


In EIR Vol. 22, No. 49, p. 27, under the subheading “Bunge and Born,” it was the widow Isabel Martínez de Perón, not Evita Perón, who succeeded Juan Perón as President of Argentina upon his death in 1974, and who was overthrown by a coup in 1976. (Evita Perón, his former wife, had died in 1953.)