Volume 23, Number 10, March 1, 1996



Dr. Soogil Young

by Kathy Wolfe

The president of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) of the Transportation Ministry in Seoul, South Korea, sees the Eurasian Land-Bridge as crucial.


Chatham House Pushes New Strategy for Empire

by Mark Burdman

A review of Economic Opportunities for Britain and the Commonwealth, Discussion Paper 60, by Katharine West.

The Vast Extent of the Commonwealth

Science & Technology

Thermonuclear Fusion: A View from Russia

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Dr. Valentin Belakogne, a specialist in shock waves and explosive processes in gases and plasmas, discusses the history, and future, of fusion “microexplosions.”


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Perfidious Albion.


The Great Train Wreck.


‘Casino Economy’ Veers Out of Control, Collapse Looms

by Richard Freeman

The “Kapstein debate” represents a positive development in the sense that reality is impelling certain influential figures to recognize the nearness of financial collapse.

IMF Admits That It Is Exacting a ‘Brutal’ Toll from Russia

by Rachel Douglas

The invitation to Michel Camdessus to speak on Russian national television, was a sign of the regime’s desperation, in its attempt both to secure the IMF’s latest promise, a $9 billion three-year standby loan, and to dodge the political consequences of the IMF- sponsored demolition of the Russian economy.

The Criminalization of Russia’s Economy

by Tatyana Koryagina

Next Russian President May Be a Communist

by Yuri Skubko

Currency Rates

Business Briefs


Overturn the Axioms That Are Leading Us to Catastrophe

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“If you passed Economics 101, you are probably a member of an endangered species,” was the title Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. gave to this speech to a conference in Reston, Virginia on Feb. 17. “What is dooming us is what our people believe,” he told the audience—the cherished “private opinions” which people cling to, and which doom them, just as Hamlet was doomed in the Shakespearean tragedy.


‘We Have a Moral Obligation To Save Bosnia’s Children’

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The Schiller Institute and Georgetown University’s Center for Peace Studies jointly sponsored a press conference on Feb. 20, calling for a “Marshall Plan” to save the children of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

LaRouche Economic Program at Center of Asian Policy Fight

by Kathy Wolfe

Britain’s New U.S.-China ‘War’

A chronology.

Colombia Certification Battle at Fever Pitch, as Deadline Approaches

by Andrea Olivieri

EIR Answers De Greiff: Cali Cartel Ties Exist

British Escalate ‘Special Operations’ War in Northern Ireland

by Mark Burdman

‘Zones of Turmoil’ Theory behind Abuse of African Diplomat

by Stephen Brawer

The case of Tinga Seisay of Sierra Leone.

March Against Terror Is a March for Spain

by Katharine Kanter

Over a million people took to the streets of Madrid on Feb. 19 to demonstrate against the ETA.

German Resistance Leader Exposes ‘Strategy of Tension’ by the PDS

by Edward Carl

International Intelligence


Buchanan Victories Shake Up Conservative Revolution Mob

by Edward Spannaus

The Mont Pelerin Society crowd believed that they had a lock on the GOP after the November 1994 mid-term elections. But they did not reckon on the dramatic shift against the ideology of the post-industrial society.

LaRouche Movement Meets: ‘New Epoch Requires Challenging Axiomatics’

Reporting on the Presidents’ Day weekend conference of the International Caucus of Labor Committees and the Schiller Institute.

Dems, Labor Rally to Kennedy Policy Shift

by Jeffrey Steinberg

National News


The picture caption on page 47 of last week’s issue misidentified two of the participants in Sen. Edward Kennedy’s hearings on GOP budget cuts. It should have read (left to right): Melanie Daniel, actress Whoopi Goldberg, Marian Wright Edelman of the Children’s Defense Fund, and Senator Kennedy.

On page 64, we misidentified Brian Mulroney, who is the former Prime Minister of Canada.