Volume 23, Number 11, March 8, 1996



Abdel Mahmoud Alkoronky

The press counsellor for the Sudanese embassy in London traveled to the United States to attend the Schiller Institute’s Presidents’ Day conference Feb. 17-18, and to meet with policymakers in Washington.

Book Reviews

Honest Historical Research Sends Bronfman Crowd into a Rage

by Harley Schlanger

Eternal Guilt? Forty Years of German-Jewish-Israeli Relations, by Michael Wolffsohn.

The Civil War and America’s Naval ‘Surrogate War’ against Britain

by William Jones

Divided Waters: The Naval History of the Civil War, by Ivan Musicant.


Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Méndez

PRD Opens “Another Chiapas” in Tabasco.


What You Are Thinking Today.


Deadly Cure: Currency Board Urged on Mexico’s Zedillo

by Carlos Cota Meza

The oligarchy’s new “solution” for the disintegration of their financial system is to force countries like Mexico to overturn their central banks and replace them with currency boards.

Panic in the World’s Bond Markets Could Pop the Speculative Bubble

by William Engdahl

Currency Rates

End of the Line for U.S. Fusion Program?

by Mark Wilsey

The Fusion Energy Advisory Committee of the Department of Energy has issued its report on “a restructured fusion energy sciences program.”

Behind the Myth of ‘Exploding Social Expenditures’ in Germany

by Lothar Komp

Germany became an industrial giant in the last century because of, not in spite of, its pioneering the social safety net.

Business Briefs


National Economic Security Depends on Farm Parity

by Marcia Merry Baker, John Hoefle, Anthony K. Wikrent, Fred Huenefeld, and Robert Baker

The facts on agricultural parity policy, as a reference for policymakers confronted with today’s food shortages and economic breakdown.

Parity Law Is Based on Economic Security

by Marcia Merry Baker, Fred Huenefeld, and Robert Baker

‘American System’ behind Parity Policy

Calculating Parity Prices: Begin with the ‘Market Basket’

by Marcia Merry Baker, Fred Huenefeld, and Robert Baker

Thirty-year Decline of U.S. Farm Parity Ratio

by Marcia Merry Baker and Robert Baker


A British Hand Is Behind the World Terror Rampage

by Jeffrey Steinberg

In the span of 48 hours, over the weekend of Feb. 24-25, the stability of the Middle East and the Caribbean region was severely damaged by acts of irregular warfare—just as the 19-month peace process in Northern Ireland was shaken weeks earlier by a string of terrorist bombs, purported to have been carried out by the Irish Republican Army.

Samper Sends Gestapo against His Enemies

by Andrea Olivieri

Chirac Reorganizes the French Army: Bonapartism, not Gaullist ‘Grandeur’

by Christine Bierre

British Complete Their Coup in Burundi

by Linda de Hoyos

John Paul II Brings Hope to Venezuela

by David Ramonet

The Shubeilat Case: Jordan Government’s Conundrum Deepens

UN Campaign against Sudan Is Based on Lies and Political Manipulation

An interview with Abdel Mahmoud Alkoronky.

International Intelligence


LaRouche Reshapes Debate over the Nation’s Future

by H. Graham Lowry

The Daschle-Bingaman report is billed as “a set of comprehensive, specific Democratic proposals to address wage and income stagnation-to produce long-term, higher rates of economic growth, shared with working families in the United States,” but errs fatally, by denying the reality of global economic disintegration.

LaRouche Campaigns in Texas, Tells Dems: ‘It’s Still the Economy’

by Harley Schlanger

Gephardt Pledges New Era of ‘Income Politics’

by Rep. Richard A. Gephardt

Arkansas ‘Starr Chamber’ Heats Up, as Senate Whitewater Hearings Play On

by Edward Spannaus

Eye on Washington

by A. Lazzaroni

Kemp Bluffs on Lincoln, Fakes on JFK.

National News