Volume 23, Number 12, March 15, 1996



Viktor Yugin

by Gabriele Liebig, Michael Vitt, and Konstantin Cheremnykh

Removed from his post as director of the St. Petersburg TV Company in November 1992—for allowing the broadcast of TV programs disloyal to Boris Yeltsin—Victor Yugin was later vindicated by the courts. Today he heads the press department of St. Petersburg’s City Assembly.

Book Reviews

Who Killed Olof Palme? The Coverup Continues

by Lotta-Stina Thronell

Stories About Palme, by Toma Ahland and Birgitta Zachrisson.

Palme’s Killers Were LaRouche’s Enemies

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Industry Hit with Investment Scandals.

Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

Labor Trounced in National Elections.

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Wesley

“Kidnap, Inc.” Expands in Mexico.


How To Make Your Child a Dope.


World Bank Demands Pound of Flesh from Bosnia

by Umberto Pascali

The financial institutions that control the credit faucet are saying: Either you pay back 17% of the debt of former Yugoslavia—the entity that unleashed four years of genocidal aggression against Bosnia—or we are going to block any serious credit for your reconstruction.

Currency Rates

Financial Gurus Promote ‘Virtual Reality’ in Bonn

A report from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s roundtable on “How to Keep International Capital Movements from Interfering with Economic Growth.”

Electricity Dereg: At What Cost?

by Marsha Freeman

Business Briefs


The LaRouche Record: National Economic Security

by Susan Welsh


Had policymakers acted to implement LaRouche’s proposed solutions, we would not now be careening toward a breakdown of the world financial system. Excerpts from some of LaRouche’s most important policy statements, some of them dating back more than 20 years, document the point.

Financial and Monetary Crisis

1. The International Development Bank

2. Volcker’s Measures Will Lead to Disaster

3. Keep the Local Banks Functioning

4. Forecast: Financial Crisis of October 1987

5. Federal Reserve Nationalization Act

6. A Universal Derivatives Tax

7. LaRouche’s “Ninth Economic Forecast”

8. A Typical Collapse Function

The Physical Economy

9. Free Trade vs. the American System

10. New Calculation of Farm Parity Needed

11. Oil Industry Needs a Protective Tariff

12. Hill-Burton Health-Care Standards

13. Beam Weapons Can Stop Nuclear Threat

14. Reopen America’s Steel Plants Now!

15. Campaign 1988: “The Woman on Mars”

16. Food for Peace: An Offer to Moscow

17. Break with IMF Policy toward Russia

Regional Development Initiatives

18. Mideast: Making the Desert Bloom

19. Stop Club of Rome Genocide in Africa

20. Operation Juárez: Reorganize the Debt

21. Develop the Indian, Pacific Oceans’ Basin

22. Unified Approach to Developing Eurasia


British Unleash Terror To Sabotage Mideast Peace

by Dean Andromidas

Were the slaughter of 57 Israelis to trigger the desired “profiled reaction” by the Israelis against the Palestinians, the result could be disastrous. Who benefits?

Palestinian Music Project Takes Off

President Clinton Hits Dope, Inc. in Colombia, Decertifies Samper

by Andrea Olivieri

Samper’s Troubles Have Just Begun

by Dennis Small

EIR’s Dennis Small is interviewed by Caracol Radio in Bogotá, Colombia.

Nepal Emerges as a Growing Security Threat in South Asia

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

We Don’t Have a Free Press Today in Russia

by Gabriele Liebig, Michael Vitt, and Konstantin Cheremnykh

Documentation: Excerpts from Viktor Yugin’s new book, A Coup d’État for 16 Francs.

Commemorative Schiller Calendar Released

International Intelligence


Voters Respond to LaRouche Presidential Campaign

In Colorado, LaRouche polled over 20% in eight counties, and won a statewide vote of 11.1% in the Democratic primary on March 5, after his second national television broadcast, on the theme of national economic security.

Conservative Revolution Is Placed On Hold

by Carl Osgood

Elephants and Donkeys

by Mel Klenetsky and Kathleen Klenetsky

Dole Wins Big on “Junior Tuesday.”

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News



In our March 1 issue, the article “IMF Admits That It Is Exacting a ‘Brutal’ Toll from Russia” contained errors in the tables on the collapse of Russian basic industry and agricultural production. We reprint the correct tables here.