Volume 23, Number 14, March 29, 1996



Report from Rio

by Geraldo Luis Zaraiva Lino

Panic over Brazil’s Bank Crisis.


Gingrich’s Plot for One-World Government.


Crisis in Germany’s Pension Fund, as Unemployment Rises

by William Engdahl

A new EIR study proves that German unemployment is pushing the alarming figure of 6 million—when one includes the 1.5 million people the Bonn government has pushed into early retirement.

Caldera Tells IMF ‘No’ Once Again

by David Ramonet

No Aerospace Future in ‘Virtual Reality’

by Frank Hahn and Rainer Apel

A report on hearings in the parliament of the German state of Lower Saxony on March 6-7, organized by Daimler Benz Aerospace (DASA).

Currency Rates

Health Officials Sound the Alarm

by Carol Hugunin

Epidemics are spreading as a result of infrastructure collapse.

Business Briefs


Battle for the Soul of the Democratic Party Has Begun

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Hulan Jack Proposed To Rebuild the Party

by Hulan Jack

LaRouche: We’ll Take On the Economic Issue

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Why Lyndon LaRouche Praises the Bingaman-Daschle Report

by Christopher White

Documentation: excerpts from “Scrambling to Pay the Bills: Building Allies for America’s Working Families,” presented on Feb. 28 by Senator Bingaman to Senator Daschle; and from the March 11 Democratic Policy Committee staff report, “Who Is Downsizing the American Dream?” commissioned by Representatives Gephardt and Obey.

The Evolution of the Modern Industrial Corporation

by Richard Freeman

Daschle Proposes To Bring Back the Entrepreneur

by Richard Freeman

With two grim case studies of deregulation: the airlines and the railroads.

General Dynamics Downsized as Stock Price Soared

A History of the Push for Deregulation

by Richard Freeman


The Choice in Eurasia: Infrastructure or Geopolitics

by Mark Burdman and Mary Burdman

While international attention is drawn to the Chinese military maneuvers near Taiwan, the larger picture is being ignored.

Duma Vote Saves Yeltsin’s Regime

by Konstantin George

Strike Call Issued To Topple Samper Regime

by Andrea Olivieri

Arafat, Israel Expose Terrorist Operations

Why a Summit against Terrorism Must Fail

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Peru-Ecuador Conflict: Einaudi’s ‘Peace’ Talks Are a Trap

by Gretchen Small

New Prime Minister of Sweden: A ‘Lion Tamer’

by Ulf Sandmark

International Intelligence


British Stooges Sabotage Clinton Foreign Policy

by William Jones

Republican Tories are on a full court press to sabotage Clinton’s foreign policy breakthroughs: beating the drums against the President’s opening to Sinn Féin, trying to block economic assistance for the Palestinians, and voting up a Dole proposal to withhold $200 million for construction projects in Bosnia.

Whitewater Could Bring Down George Bush & Co.

by Edward Spannaus

LaRouche Campaigns in California, Wins 63,500 Votes in Ohio Primary

by Mel Klenetsky

He spoke to an audience of 600 Korean-Americans in Los Angeles on March 17.

U.S. Army Specialist Challenges UN

by Leo Scanlon

Accepting the UN as ‘The World Government’ Is Unconstitutional

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A candidate’s statement.

National News


In our interview last week with Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad of the National of Islam (p. 66), we misspelled the name of Chief E.A. Opia of Nigeria, former history professor at the University of California. Chief Opia was interviewed in EIR, Jan. 6, 1995.