Volume 23, Number 21, May 17, 1996



Oliver North: Less Than ‘A Perfect Candidate’

by Edward Spannaus

A film screened for the 10th Annual International Film Festival in Washington, D.C. on May 1 purports to show the 1994 senatorial campaign of the Iran-Contra figure in Virginia—but it’s a cheat.

Science & Technology

By Aerospace Plane into Space and Back

by Oleg A. Sokolov

During the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union were each developing reusable aerospace planes. Russian aerospace engineer Oleg A. Sokolov reports on the formerly secret Soviet program.


Federal Courts Proclaim Assisted-Suicide ‘Right’

by Linda Everett

Documentation: The Washington State case; the New York State case.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Labor Challenges Austerity Drive.

Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

Mass Murder in Tasmania.


Again, the Triple Entente.


British Raise Raw Materials Prices in Attack on America

by Richard Freeman

Higher prices at the gas pump are here, and higher prices for food and other basics lie ahead. The cause is a willful strategy by the food and energy cartels.

Frankfurt Drug Legalization Mafia Says ‘No’ to U.S. War on Drugs

by Karen Steinherz and Christina Huth

A conference at the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing, Germany, came out for legalization of recreational drugs, on the model of Holland’s ultraliberal policy.

Indian Captains of Industry Send Crossed Signals to Political Parties

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

Currency Rates

Borrowing from Peter To Pay Paul

by Carlos Cota Meza

Would you buy a “global bond” from the Mexican government?

The Food Crisis Worsens in Mexico

by Carlos Cota Meza and Carlos Méndez

Business Briefs


British ‘One World’ Gang Stages Coup against Paraguay

by Dennis Small

What has been sold to world public opinion as a triumph for free trade and democracy, is modeled on what may have been the worst population war of the 19th century.

How the Dialogue Encircled Paraguay

by Cynthia R. Rush

A chronology of events surrounding the supranational deployment against Paraguay during the week of April 22-26, to stop an alleged “coup threat” by Army Commander Gen. Lino César Oviedo.

Triple Alliance War vs. Paraguay Was To Impose British Free Trade

by Lorenzo Carrasco and Cynthia R. Rush

Brits Boost ‘Model Democrat’ Samper

by Gretchen Small

Inter-American Dialogue’s ‘Hit List’ Targets Armed Forces

by Cynthia R. Rush

EIR Warned You about ‘The Plot’


Russia Kicks Out British Spies, as Policy Fight Rages

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Rachel Douglas

Behind the expulsions and reprisals: the brewing controversy over International Monetary Fund policies—and what side the United States will take.

Anti-Samper Movement Grows in Colombia

by Javier Almario

Leibniz Honored in Native City, But His Economics Remains Unknown

by Rosa Tennenbaum

A conference was held in Leipzig to celebrate the upcoming 350th anniversary of the thinker’s birth.

Italy: Northern League Seeks ‘Right to Secession’

by Claudio Celani

Is the Bush League Financing Separatists?

by Claudio Celani

International Intelligence


U.S. Blows the Whistle on Lloyd’s of London Scam

by John Hoefle

The decision by the Securities Exchange Commission to sue the insurance flagship of the British Empire, could lead to a victory for U.S. national sovereignty.

LaRouche, NOI Hold Forum against ADL

by Dennis Speed

The Democratic Presidential candidate brought the reality about Russia and the world economy to an audience in Washington, D.C. on May 6.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News