Volume 23, Number 22, May 24, 1996


Special Report

The Sun Never Sets on the New British Empire

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The idea that the British Empire is a relic of the past, of little consequence in modern affairs, is a dangerous myth. Jeffrey Steinberg analyzes the policy shift currently under way.

I. The Monarchy

The Nazi Roots of the House of Windsor

by Scott Thompson

One of the biggest public relations hoaxes ever perpetrated by the British Crown, is that King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1936, due to his support for the Nazis, was a “black sheep.”

The Ultimate Insider Trader Is the Queen

by Scott Thompson

One of the secrets to Elizabeth II’s fabulous wealth is that she amassed it tax-free until 1992. The other secret is that she not only gets tips from British financiers, but also has access to all the state secrets, through the “boxes.”

Her Majesty’s ‘Prerogative Powers’

by Scott Thompson

The “constitutional monarchy” is a myth.

Sir Paul Mellon, Lord of Loudoun

by Scott Thompson

The Queen’s ‘Honorary Knights’ in America

by Scott Thompson

No American official shall hold a title of nobility without approval of Congress—but the British monarchy has found a way to reward prominent Americans for their lifetime service to the British Empire.

British Empire Buys the U.S.A.

by Scott Thompson

In the last two years, the British Empire has replaced Japan as America’s number one creditor.

II. ‘Empire of the Mind’

Tavistock’s Imperial Brainwashing Project

by L. Wolfe

Colonialism still exists in its most powerful form, as a state of mind of the subject peoples, even after nominal independence.

Tavistock Center’s ‘International Nodes’

The Invisible Empire of NGOs

by Joseph Brewda

The Commonwealth Foundation of Britain defines them as “voluntary, independent, not-for-profit organizations,” seeking to “improve the circumstances and prospects of disadvantaged people” and “to act on concerns and issues which are detrimental to society as a whole.” The NGOs’ real business: coups, subversion, civil wars, discrediting of governments, and revolution.

Martin Palmer: Prince Philip’s Guru

by Mark Burdman

The New Empire’s Propaganda Machine

by Charles Tuttle

Not only does Britain not have a free press, but most Americans get their international news from a cartel run top-down by British intelligence.

III. The Empire Restored

Chatham House Issues the Marching Orders

by Allen Douglas

Out of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, comes a manual by Katharine West for reestablishing the Empire in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

RIIA Conference: ‘Britain in the World’

by Allen Douglas

Privatization is the watchword when British elites gather to map their assault on the nation-state.

IV. The Club of the Isles

Raw Materials Cartels Lock Up World Economy

by Richard Freeman

Introducing the Club of the Isles: three to five thousand fabulously rich oligarchs clustered around the British Crown.

The Anglo-Dutch Corporate Empire

by Anthony K. Wikrent

A road map of the interlocking corporate apparatus that dominates “choke points” within the global economy, especially finance, insurance, raw materials, transportation, and consumer goods.