Volume 23, Number 32, August 9, 1996



Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

A Fight for Jobs, against Globalization.

Northern Flank

by Tore Fredin

Toward a New Baltic Defense Policy.

Dateline Mexico

by Carlos Méndez

Camacho Demands Power ... or Else.


Eurasian Development or British Swinishness.


Argentina’s Cavallo Dumped: Will His Economics Be Next?

by Cynthia R. Rush

On Wall Street and the City of London, Domingo Cavallo is cherished as the chief architect and defender of the “convertibility plan,” implemented in April 1991.

Currency Rates

Federal Reserve Costs Come Under Fire

by Anthony K. Wikrent

Phil Gramm: Not the Only Quackademic

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Although a small minority among today’s professional economists is composed of both literate and insightful professionals, virtually everything taught as principles of economics, is an illiterate’s hoax.

‘Real Plan’ Monetary Reform Leaves Brazil in a Two-Year-Long Coma

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Business Briefs


The British Empire’s Lloyd’s of London Conspiracy

by John Hoefle

John Hoefle and EIR’s intelligence staff lift the veil from Lloyd’s carefully crafted façade, exposing a ruthless, dog-eat-dog world of greed, corruption, and arrogance, and a 30-year conspiracy to bilk tens of thousands of investors, while throwing the holders of billions of dollars of insurance policies to the wolves. Lloyd’s is an instrument of the British Empire, and of the international financial oligarchy known as the Club of the Isles.

The Windsors Created Environmentalism

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Mother Nature Doesn’t Cause Insurance Losses

by Marcia Merry Baker

Asbestos: What To Fear and What Not


by John Hoefle


LaRouche Slams London’s Terror War vs. Clinton

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The motive behind this Anglo-Dutch and French-led “strategy of tension” can be summed up in one word: geopolitics.

Liberation Tigers Assault Unprepared Army in Sri Lanka

by Susan Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

Southeast Asian Nations Rebuff British Assault on National Sovereignty

by Michael Billington and Gail G. Billington

The European Union, dominated by the British-French Entente Cordiale, has attempted to coerce the ASEAN nations into accepting supranational control of their economic, environmental, labor, and social policies.

British Games Sink Burundi into War

by Linda de Hoyos

The murderous hordes of Lady Lynda Chalker have been unleashed again.

The Swedish Model of Fascism No Longer Has a ‘Human Face’

by Tore Fredin

International Intelligence


Bush ‘Trojan Horse’ Usurps U.S. Policy toward Russia

by William Jones

Republican Party operatives working through the International Republican Institute have been given a free hand to deal with Russia as if it were a colonial satrapy, in sharp contrast to the stated intentions of the Clinton Administration.

LaRouche Sues DNC Chairman Fowler for Abuses under Voting Rights Act

by Nancy Spannaus

Fulani Blows Cover, Embraces Racist Lamm

by Kathleen Klenetsky

Federal Judge Denies Billington Habeas

In a bizarre, Nazi-like ruling, Judge Richard L. Williams claims that a political organizer sentenced to 77 years in prison for alleged securities fraud, was “willing to assume the role of a martyr for a political cause.”

House Hearings Target Mideast Peace Process

New from the Roy Cohn File: Why ‘Dirty Dick’ Morris ‘Never Had Any Qualms’

Including some revealing remarks by his father, Eugene Morris, to a journalist.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News