Volume 23, Number 46, November 15, 1996



Fans Nanic

by Elke Fimmen

Mr. Nanic is general secretary of the Bosnian ruling party branch SDA in Croatia, and head of the TWRA Press Agency in Zagreb. He was the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense in Sarajevo, and, until the recent Bosnian elections, Chief of Cabinet of Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic.

Harold Bedoya Pizarro

by Javier Almario

The commander of the Colombian Armed Forces evaluates the Army’s role in the fight against terrorism.

Héctor Orozco Orozco

by Javier Almario

The Mayor of Florencia, Colombia tells what is happening with the marches of coca-farmers in the region-contrary to what the media say.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Labor’s Protests Grow Louder.


Time for a Health Civil Rights Law.

Physical Economy

On the Subject of Evolution: The Descent to Bush from Man

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Takes up the issues raised by Pope John Paul II’s recent address on evolution, from the standpoint of LaRouche’s own expert knowledge as a physical economist, with independent discoveries in this field. He shows “that virtually all extant academic theories of evolution, including those which contain some useful elements of research, are essentially ideological fabrications.”


World Financial System Is at ‘Five Minutes to Midnight’

by John Hoefle

Financial “experts” around the world (not including the United States) are stating publicly what Lyndon LaRouche said in his Ninth Forecast, over two years ago: The whole system is coming down!

Italy: LaRouche Group Sparks Fight vs. Privatization

Two Italian senators are demanding an investigation of the privatization of the Banco di Napoli, based on material submitted by the Solidarity Movement.

Financial Sharks Advance Four Plans To Privatize U.S. Social Security

by Richard Freeman

Scientists’ Understanding of Cold Fusion Remains Elusive

by Carol White

A report from the Sixth International Cold Fusion Conference in Hokkaido, Japan.

Currency Rates

Argentine Government Moves To Seize Wages

by Gretchen Small

Business Briefs


The Murderous Issue of Food Policy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The issue of the right to food has become the choice of contest which will determine whether this imperilled civilization of our planet survives the closing years of this century.”

Pontifical Council on ‘World Hunger’

Excerpts from the report of “Cor Unum.”

Lester Brown: Food Advances Are Over; It’s Time To Kill People

by Marcia Merry Baker

The president of the Worldwatch Institute is geared up to present his Malthusian program to the World Food Summit in Rome on Nov. 13- 17.

New ‘Super Rice’ Means 25% Yield Increase

by Marcia Merry Baker


Looted Russia Is Straining at the Seams

by Rachel Douglas

Without a change in the so-called “reform,” the imported policies that launched the economic and social demolition of Russia in 1992, there is no hope for that nation to survive, even if Boris Yeltsin’s physical recovery were to stabilize the power configuration in the short term.

Why Hasan Cengic, the Architect of Bosnia’s Resistance, Is Leaving

by Umberto Pascali

Behind the U.S. demand for Cengic’s resignation, is a dirty operation run by Henry Kissinger and the British.

Bosnia Can Serve as a Bridge to the East, Islamic Nations

by Elke Fimmen

An interview with Fans Nanic.

Brits Hoke Up Spy Scandals in France

by Christine Bierre

Former Defense Minister Charles Hernu, now deceased, is being accused of espionage for the communists. The scandal won’t do him any harm, but other heads may roll.

Colombian General Warns That Survival of the Nation Is At Stake

by Valerie Rush

Invasion of Eastern Zaire Leads to Death of Thousands of Refugees

by Linda de Hoyos

Britain Pushes Plan for ‘Greater Rwanda’

by L. Chamberlain

An interview with a Member of Parliament from Burundi.

International Intelligence


Republican Congress Celebrates Belshazzar’s Feast

by Edward Spannaus and Mel Klenetsky

The GOP election gains are a pyrrhic victory, as the economic crisis deepens.

Winning Your ‘Uncivil Rights’: How To Win Your Election

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Election ’96: LaRouche and Labor ‘Factors’

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Bush Babies Falling Out of the Trees

LaRouche Dem Milton To Continue the Fight

Pennsylvania: Legislator Calls for Hearings on Murderous Effects of Medical Cuts

Pennsylvania State Rep. Harold James presents the evidence of the devastating impact of Gov. Tom Ridge’s cuts in medical services.

The Child Victims of Bush’s Crack Epidemic

by Don Pilson

National News