Volume 23, Number 50, December 13, 1996



István Webel

by Umberto Pascali

Webel and his wife, Vera Webel Tatic, head the Center for Anti-War Action, one of the very few Serbian groups to oppose Slobodan Milosevic’s "ethnic cleansing" from the beginning.

An Appeal to the U.S.

by István Webel

Jacques Bacamurwanko

The former Burundian ambassador to Washington sweeps away the lies about the genocide in East Africa.

Dr. Judith Shindul-Rothschild

by Marianna Wertz

The lead author of a nursing survey showing how managed health care has so ravaged the profession that patients are placed at risk.

Dr. Lorraine Wilson

by Marianna Wertz

A textbook author and nursing professor at Eastern Michigan University confirms the havoc mismanaged care has wrought.

Most Reverend Theodore E. McCarrick

by Nina Ogden

The archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, who chairs the International Policy Committee of the U.S. Catholic Conference, discussed the basis for reforming U.S. foreign policy with Fidelio magazine.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

How Foolish Can You Get?


An Enemy Bites the Dust.

Economic Policy

Housing People in a ‘Post-Industrial’ U.S.A.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

"To understand what went wrong with the U.S. government’s housing policy, start with a time when the U.S. government’s economic policy-thinking was still more or less sane, about thirty years ago. See the difference between then and now through the eyes of the physical economist."

America’s Housing Is At a Crisis Point

by Richard Freeman

Not only is America suffering a growing deficit in housing, but increasingly, what housing exists is unfit for human habitation.

U.S. Housing Policy: The 1949 Housing Act versus ‘Urban Renewal’

by Richard Freeman


Patriots Fight Privatization of Brazil’s Mining Company

by Silvia Palacios

A group of Brazilian nationalists has coalesced to stop the sell-off of the state-run strategic mining conglomerate Companhía Vale do Rio Doce to the British-led financial oligarchy.

Bush to Ibero-America: ‘I’m In Charge Here’

by Gretchen Small

‘Sir George’ preached the free-trade gospel on his five-nation visit, some of which was hosted by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

LaRouches Visit Italy

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche were hosted by the Italian Solidarity Movement and the CDU party at a conference in Milan on international strategy and economic policy.

Business Briefs

Currency Rates


The Vital Issues of Statecraft Facing America in 1997

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche told participants at an EIR forum: "We are in a period where small forces’ flanking situations will have to rout the opposition.... So, a certain kind of pre-emptive political tactic, which is directly comparable to military flanking operations, conducted by minority forces, whose victories can impel majority forces into motion, is the only way the world is going to get out of the mess which I shall now describe to you."

The British Scenario for Destroying Zaire


Serbians Rebel against IMF Brand of Communism

by Umberto Pascali

Strikes and protests are spreading against the Milosevic regime.

‘Last Chance To Get Rid of the Bandit’

by Umberto Pascali

An interview with István Webel.

Bosnia Fights for Its Right to Reconstruction

Excerpts from the angry interchanges between top Bosnian officials and representatives of IFOR.

East Africa’s ‘Ethnic War’ Is Really Britain’s Doing

An interview with Jacques Bacamurwanko.

LaRouche Celebrated in Verdi’s Hometown

by Claudio Celani

More than 100 guests gathered to greet Lyndon and Helga LaRouche in Busseto, Italy, and deliberate on launching a movement to return to the "Verdi tuning" of C=256.

The Choice Facing Central Asia: Development or Geopolitical Strife

A report from an international workshop on "Central Asia: Internal and External Dynamics," in Islamabad, Pakistan, hosted by Pakistan’s Institute of Regional Studies and Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Among the U.S. participants were a spokesman for the Rand Corp. and a representative from the Schiller Institute.

Pakistani Press Notes Schiller Institute Role

International Intelligence


Soros’s Pro-Drug Con-Game Is Drawing Bipartisan Fire

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Both Congressional Republicans and White House officials blasted Soros’s multimillion-dollar campaign blitz to gull Californians and Arizonans into voting to legalize mind-numbing narcotics.

APEC Meet Highlights U.S.-China Partnership

by William Jones

Bush, North Cocaine Role Is Put in the Spotlight in Drug Debate

by Edward Spannaus

From nationally televised talk shows to dailies in George Bush’s Texas, the real dope on the drug kingpin is coming out.

Nursing Experts Speak Out against the Disaster of Managed Care

by Marianna Wertz

Interviews with Judith Shindul-Rothschild and Lorraine Wilson.

‘Proclamation of Liberty Is Our Responsibility’

by Nina Ogden

An interview with the Most Reverend Theodore E. McCarrick.

National News