Volume 24, Number 2, January 3, 1997



Most Reverend Daniel Patrick Reilly

Bishop Reilly served on the Pontifical Council, Cor Unum, 1984-89; and was named to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, October 1994. He was named bishop of the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, Oct. 27, 1994.


Editorial To Mars, but...


It’s a delusion to think we can ‘save the system’

by Marcia Merry Baker and John Hoefle

The most serious threat to national interests at present, is the persistence of the belief that the dying financial system can be salvaged.

Will Nigeria accept World Bank’s demands?

by Lawrence K. Freeman

A propaganda barrage was launched at a symposium sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, to privatize state-owned telephone, power, and, especially, oil concerns.

Currency Rates

‘Free market’ wrecks New Zealand farms

by Noelene Isherwood

New Zealand is being referred to in Europe as the best example of free market success, but, in fact, it’s a free-trade disaster.

Australian agriculture in crisis; government to axe farmers

by Noelene Isherwood and Andrew Bailey

Business Briefs


George Bush’s ‘Heart of Darkness’

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Bush says he isn’t involved in “business deals” these days. But actually, his work with Barrick Gold Corp. involves a strategic minerals grab for the British-based Club of the Isles, and the death of millions of Africans.

‘Heart of Darkness’: A glimpse at colonialism in action

From writer Joseph Conrad’s description of colonialism in the late 1800s: This is what the British would return us to.

Inside story: the Bush gang and Barrick Gold Corporation

by Anton Chaitkin

Barrick Gold is a corporate front for the George Bush-allied covert political apparatus. Bush was designated “honorary senior adviser” to Barrick’s international advisory board, a legal fiction to disguise Bush’s role as chief business developer of the company.

George Bush’s $10 billion giveaway to Barrick Gold

by Mark Sonnenblick

Anglo American Corp. set to grab Brazil’s CVRD?

by Cynthia R. Rush

Bush’s letter abets Barrick’s golddigging

by Gail G. Billington

How the former President intervened in Indonesia to secure the Busang mine for Barrick.

Barrick’s barracudas

Profiles of individuals on Barrick’s international advisory board and board of directors.

British-backed mining companies are stealing Zaire’s patrimony

by Richard Freeman

While British-backed forces militarily overran Zaire beginning in October 1996, a strategic metals grab by the Club of the Isles oligarchy has been under way for the last three years.

British revive old blueprint for Africa

by Linda de Hoyos

Conor Cruise O’Brien lobbies for a return to colonialism.

A mercenary for free marketeers

by Linda de Hoyos

A profile of Laurent Kabila.

1.6 million dead: ‘Just a drop in the bucket’

by Linda de Hoyos

Malthusians at the U.S. State Department, such as Dick Cornelius and Timothy Wirth, push the lie that Africa’s problem is that there are too many people.


London’s narco-terrorist international strikes in Peru

by Gretchen Small

The MRTA terrorist group which seized several hundred hostages at the Japanese embassy in Lima, had been nearly stamped out, but was revived by networks outside Peru.

Documentation: A statement by the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement.

Will Great Britain end up with a ‘National Government’ in 1997?

by Mark Burdman

The good news is that Prime Minister John Major is about to go; the bad news is that Labour Party leader Tony Blair is being groomed to replace him.

Israel’s Peres calls for national unity

by Gil Rivière-Wekstein

George Soros under fire: Is the end near for the new Sir Francis Drake?

by Umberto Pascali

The modern-day buccaneer is under investigation in Italy and Croatia, while in the United States, top anti-drug officials are denouncing his drug legalization campaign.

Fans Nanic: We need a dialogue for peace

International Intelligence


Gingrich admits crimes against the U.S. Congress

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Mark Sonnenblick

The House Ethics Committee found that Gingrich had violated federal tax codes to finance his political campaigns, and then lied about it. Whatever happens next, Gingrich’s role as the most powerful figure in Congress is finished.

Los Angeles sheriff’s report reveals drug-intelligence links

by Edward Spannaus

The report that was supposed to discredit allegations that the CIA was tied to the Blandón crack cocaine organization, has information which confirms the drug ties of U.S. intelligence agencies.

Clinton continues dialogue with China

by William Jones

Beijing’s minister of national defense and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, Gen. Chi Haotian, visited the United States, as the Clinton administration pursues its policy of “strategic engagement” with China.

‘There is a call for us to help the least in our midst’

A interview with Most Reverend Daniel Patrick Reilly.

Mental health professionals rip ‘totalitarian’ managed health care

by Marianna Wertz

Karen Shore, Ph.D., president of the National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers, Inc., describes her organization’s fight to expose, regulate, and replace managed care.

National News