Volume 24, Number 3, January 10, 1997


Book Reviews

Former U.K. ambassador spews big lies about U.S.British relations

by Mark Burdman

Fighting with Allies: America and Britain in Peace and at War, by Sir Robin Renwick.

‘Agape’ triumphs from the depths of Slovakia’s concentration camps

by Marianna Wertz

Light from the Depths of Jachvmov Concentration Camps, by Anton Srholec.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Entering a turbulent New Year.


Hope in the New Year.


China moves to head off new 1929-style crash

by Mary Burdman

As LaRouche’s analysis of the ongoing global economic collapse gains currency, the Chinese are reining in their small, but overheated financial markets.

Currency Rates

Business Briefs


Assisted suicide is a crime under the Nuremberg Code

by Linda Everett

Only 50 years ago, the United States constituted the Nuremberg tribunals to try the Nazi doctors and officials whose actions and policies murdered those whose lives were deemed “not worthy of life.” Now the U.S. Supreme Court must decide whether to uphold U.S. law, or Nazi law.

Twenty years of Nazi crimes as law

by Linda Everett

A chronology of U.S. court rulings on euthanasia, which have made a mockery of the principle of sanctity of life.


Sir George Bush: On Her Majesty’s Service

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Analyzing the terrorist hostage-seizure in Lima, Peru, Lyndon LaRouche advises: “The legitimate purpose in chasing individual termites, is to find, and destroy the nest from which they come.” Look to the higher reaches of the British oligarchy; look to Queen Elizabeth herself, from whom President Sir George Bush received his knighthood.


1. Crimes of George Soros

2. France singled out British terrorist role

3. Four governments pin terrorism on London

4. Sir Henry Kissinger: British agent of influence

5. George Bush’s empire: drugs and raw materials

6. British ‘fellow travellers’ in the major U.S. media

7. Direct British control of U.S. media

8. Australia and Waco

9. The case of Lyndon LaRouche

10. The World Trade Center bombing

11. The Hollinger role in Clintongate

12. Waco and Ruby Ridge: cover-ups of massacres

13. The Oklahoma bombing and its cover-up

14. What is the MRTA?

A fact sheet on Peru’s fight against terrorism.

London pulls the strings of Peru’s narcoterrorists

15. São Paulo Forum: a narco-terrorist army

16. London’s Jacobin terror

17. The media’s obscene promotion of the MRTA


LaRouche visits Khartoum, briefs Sudanese leaders

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

Late in December, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche visited Sudan, to meet with President Omar Al-Bashir and other dignitaries, and address several forums. The thrust of his presentations, was that the ongoing disintegration of the International Monetary Fund system, brings an entire historical cycle to a close, and with it, the symbiotic relationship between the sovereign nation-state and financial oligarchical, imperial power.

International Intelligence


Pennsylvania’s James takes lead vs. fascist economics

by Nancy Spannaus

State Rep. Harold James calls upon Governor Ridge to restore his deadly cuts in the state medical assistance program, using the $123 million budget surplus that was announced last month.

Documentation: Excerpts from the press conference by Representative James and backers of his initiative.

Hollinger’s Evans-Pritchard: Destroy the nation-state

by Edward Spannaus

Nothing like a London correspondent to demand the colonials revolt against their government.

McCaffrey blasts drug legalization referenda

Excerpts from the drug policy adviser’s White House press conference.

National News