Volume 24, Number 10, February 28, 1997



Leon Ransom

The press liaison for New York City Councilman Enoch Williams urges the importance of fighting the privatization of the city’s public hospital system.

Fans Nanic

A frequent EIR interlocutor, this official of Bosnia’s ruling party and director of TWRA Press Agency in Zagreb, argues that only serious reconstruction of Bosnia will stop the shaky peace accords from crumbling into new warfare.

Gen. Mirza Aslam Beg

General Beg, the former Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army and presently chairman of the Foundation for Research on National Development and Security, is the founder of a new political party.

Book Reviews

A howler of a book on Machiavelli, Leonardo

by Michael J. Minnicino

Machiavelli, Leonardo, and the Science of Power, by Roger Masters.


Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

Billionaire consolidates press empire.

Report from Rio

by Silvia Palacios

The MST’s monarchical ties.


Africa, conscience of the world.

Physical Economy

The debt bomb is set to explode in Mexico—again

by Dennis Small and Carlos Cota Meza

The policies adopted since the December 1994 meltdown have failed to address the fact that global monetary and financial aggregates have expanded hyperbolically, out of all proportion to the physical economic activity which ultimately must sustain them. An EIR study shows how this new disaster is taking shape in Mexico.

Mexico’s labor force: 50% unemployment, and rising

by Dennis Small and Carlos Cota Meza

Adding to those “officially” unemployed, free-trade policies have shrunk the manufacturing sector employment to less than 5% of the labor force, while slashing the number of those who do have productive employment, by one-third.


Mutual fund exposure sets Americans up for slaughter

by Richard Freeman

Some 40 million Americans have taken their money out of savings and gambled it in a teetering stock market, mostly through the vehicle of mutual funds. Those who stay in the market, despite numerous warnings of an imminent crash, are going to lose a lot.

Deregulation: the illness not the cure

by John Hoefle

The House Banking Committee is contemplating further deregulating banks to solve the problems created by deregulation, in the first place.

New York hospitals at the center of privatization fight

by Marianna Wertz

Medical care for the working poor is being threatened by plans by Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to hand the city’s public hospitals over to for-profit privateers.

New York State nurses fight hospital closing

In defense of New York’s public hospitals

In December 1995, New York City Councilman Enoch Williams (D-Brooklyn), chairman of the City Council’s Health Committee, released a policy document prepared in conjunction with 12 organizations, repudiating the privatization drive against the New York’s public hospital system.

Currency Rates

Business Briefs


LaRouche launches global campaign to destroy IMF

by Marcia Merry Baker

Meeting with collaborators from five continents, Lyndon LaRouche issued a declaration of war against the international Monetary Fund, delineating a threefold program: A new “Bretton Woods” conference; large-scale infrastructure projects, led by the Eurasian Land-Bridge; and development of the strategic machine-tool design sector of national economies.

Washington gets first-hand briefing about the crisis in the East

by Jeffrey Steinberg

FDR-PAC hosted prominent Russian economist Tatyana Koryagina, and Ukrainian members of parliament Natalya Vitrenko and Volodymyr Marchenko, to brief U.S. and international policymakers about IMF decimation of their nations.

Warnings on the IMF’s destruction of Russia

Imminence of market meltdown sets off alarms

by William Engdahl

LaRouche on justified warfare

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

‘New Bretton Woods’ sought by Italian parliamentarian


Balkans: Land-Bridge, or World War Three?

by Umberto Pascali

IMF and World Bank policies are destroying the region. The United States must initiate a serious economic development effort to keep this powder-keg from exploding.

Decisive U.S. initiative needed to spark Balkans reconstruction

An interview with Fans Nanic.

OAS and NGOs human rights mafia lead British assault on the Mexican Army

by Hugo López Ochoa

Her Majesty’s minions write a new page for the “Bush Manual,” on how to eliminate the armed forces of Ibero-America.

Land-Bridge, India are key for Pakistan

An interview with Gen. Mirza Aslam Beg.

International Intelligence


AFL-CIO mobilizes labor against ‘neo-liberal’ agenda

by Marianna Wertz

The traditional winter convention was anything but traditional: As he did at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, President John Sweeney ripped into the economic policies that “paint an ugly portrait of a country that has lost respect for workers and the jobs they do.”

Starr out, then back; but can he indict?

by Edward Spannaus

The British attack on the President promises to continue.

Lord Byron Foundation brings its ‘Greater Serbia’ cause to the U.S.

The foundation’s first-ever U.S. conference will focus on two items: attacking the U.S. policy of bringing peace to the Balkans, and assembling a new Southern Confederacy to secede from the Union.

Confederate Fleming pushes breakup of U.S.

by Edward Spannaus

A profile of Thomas Fleming, founder of the Southern League and editor of Chronicles, the unofficial organ of all “Lost Causes.”

Lord Byronists foment ‘clash of civilizations’ to protect the Empire

by Umberto Pascali

Documentation: From the remarks of the Byron Foundation’s Michael Martin Stenton to a Moscow press conference, on Oct. 6, 1995, warning the Russians not to trust American-led peace efforts in Bosnia.

National News