Volume 24, Number 15, April 4, 1997



Mark Levy

The head of the interns and residents union speaks about their fight for quality health care, against the “managed care” austerity tearing through the U.S. hospital system.


Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas and Robert Barwick

Doctors strike against federal axe.

Dateline Mexico

by Hugo López Ochoa

Decertify Bush! say Mexicans.


An urgent strategic deal with China.


German unions throw down the gauntlet to big banks

by Rainer Apel

For the first time in Germany’s postwar history, huge, spontaneous labor demonstrations are taking on the “Anglo-German” banking practices that are tearing up the world’s oldest social market economic system.

Civil Rights Movement leaflets labor rally

Dereg puts nuclear utilities at risk

by Marsha Freeman

The plans, most advanced in New England and California, to deregulate electric utilities, threaten to send companies producing nuclear power into bankruptcy, and leave Americans “freezing in the dark.”

Currency Rates

Cloning discovery will save lives

by Colin M. Lowry

The discovery has the potential to create new and better treatments for disease, and has challenged some of the fundamental assumptions of modern biology, contrary to the anti-science witchhunt stirred up by hysterical media reports.

Business Briefs


Levy sanctions on Britain for harboring terrorists!

by Jeffrey Steinberg

It is an urgent matter of U.S. national security that the United States lead the campaign to impose international sanctions against Great Britain. Counterintelligence Editor Jeffrey Steinberg introduces our extensive study of the island-nation terrorist headquarters.

Governments worldwide protest London safehousing of terrorists

by Jeffrey Steinberg

EIR’s ‘yellow pages’ of terrorist groups in London

by Joseph Brewda and Omar Abdul-Aziz

Including Islamic Jihad, Hamas, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, and the Armed Islamic Group, to name a few.

British Lords back Colombian terrorists

by Valerie Rush

Lord Avebury, terrorist godfather

by Joseph Brewda

The Crown’s role in British-run terrorism

by Scott Thompson

Who and what was behind killing the legislation to withdraw asylum from terrorists.

British Parliament endorses terrorism

by Joseph Brewda

Osama Bin Laden, terrorist moneybags

by Joseph Brewda

Lord Palmerston’s terrorist menagerie

by Joseph Brewda

Referring to the 1848 revolutions in Europe, a contemporary French diplomat declared, “There wasn’t a revolt started in Europe, nor a conspiracy hatched, without the audacious and criminal complicity of British agents.”


London elects necromancy: the new Ramsay MacDonald

by Mark Burdman

With British general elections set for May 1, will Labour’s Tony Blair inherit the same financial rubble field, that Ramsay MacDonald won in the aftermath of the 1929 crash?

The El Salvador model: When UN talks peace, get ready for war!

by Manuel Hidalgo

A case study of the UN-brokered peace negotiations between the FMLN narco-terrorists and the government of El Salvador. The UN is at it again.

Sudan resists London’s proxy invasions

by Linda de Hoyos

‘Enclaves in hell’ revealed in Uganda

A special investigation.

Samper Pizano vs. Colombia’s generals

by Valerie Rush

International Intelligence

Strategic Studies

Germany’s President Herzog on the wrong political path

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche refutes the claim of President Roman Herzog that the nation-state is a thing of the past.


Clinton prioritizes Russia, China ties in second term

by William Jones

Sudan press conference draws fire

by Bonnie James

The toadies of Her Ladyship Cox were not pleased by the report from the Schiller Institute’s delegation.

States restrain HMO abuses

by Marianna Wertz

Doctors union fights cuts in hospital care

An interview with Mark Levy.

Who is Richard Mellon Scaife?

by Edward Spannaus

Part 2 of a series by Edward Spannaus delves into Scaife and the Bush “secret government.”

Documentation: A partial listing of think-tanks, media, and population control groups that receive Scaife grants.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News