Volume 24, Number 16, April 11, 1997



Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

The monetarist banks are the enemy.


Treat the patient, not the disease.

Strategic Studies

The Thatcher gang is out to wreck Clinton China policy

by Jeffrey Steinberg

EIR investigations confirm the report of British establishment sources, that a number of “Conservative Revolution” Republicans in the U.S. Congress are seeking to force the Clinton administration into a belligerent stance toward China. Steering the plot is the Thatcher Foundation, and Lady Margaret Thatcher herself.

Clinton, Brown state-to-state deals with China threatened Kissinger

by Kathy Wolfe

Did Kissinger and his far-flung “pro-China” Republican business networks in Asia set up the President for Chinagate, or is it just that they will benefit most from the demise of the Clinton and Ron Brown’s strategy?

Lady Cox gears up a Hongkong crisis in U.S. Congress

by Kathy Wolfe

Sir Leon Brittan: Thatcher’s ‘fat poodle’

by Scott Thompson

And his outrageous conduct in Beijing last May before representatives of 34 nations at the conference on the Euro-Asian Continental Bridge.

The British war against the U.S. and China

by Jeffrey Steinberg

A chronology.


Financial tumult: LaRouche called it right, again

by Marcia Merry Baker

Only lunatics and kindergarten drop-outs still question LaRouche’s “credibility.”

Documentation: A chronology of four of LaRouche’s principal forecasts, and what actually happened.

Britain’s premier drug hank muscles in on Brazil, Mexico

by Silvia Palacios and Dennis Small

The HongShang is buying up chunks of the failing Brazilian and Mexican banking systems.

Currency Rates

The ‘Real Plan’ accelerates the destruction of Brazil

by Lorenzo Carrasco

Mexico’s foreign debt bubble: growing, growing ... gone

by Carlos Cota Meza and Dennis Small

Business Briefs


How the German trade unions could have stopped Hitler

by Gabriele Liebig

A group of reformers, centered around the General German Trade Union Alliance, put forward a job-creation plan during the Weimar Republic, which would have prevented Hitler’s rise to power. The story of how they tried, and failed, has been ignored by historians; yet, the lessons of that fight are most relevant today, as the worldwide economic crisis deepens.

Wladimir Woytinsky, revolutionary

by Gabriele Liebig

A biographical sketch of the principal author of the Reformers’ job-creation plan.

What is productive credit creation?

by Gabriele Liebig

‘Again and again: create jobs!’

by Wladimir Woytinsky

From a 1932 article by Wladimir Woytinsky.

Exposing Germany’s ‘hidden unemployment’

by Wladimir Woytinsky

From a 1932 speech by Wladimir Woytinsky.


The Eurasian Land-Bridge is on the international agenda

by Mary Burdman

Nations all along the “Silk Road” are conducting intensive diplomatic efforts to move the great infrastructure projects forward. The question is, when will the United States give its full backing to this vital endeavor?

Call is issued for investigation of extermination of Hutus in Zaire

by Linda de Hoyos

The last valve of the global oligarchy

by Roman Bessonov

Roman Bessonov reports from St. Petersburg, Russia.

No-Gutnick attacks Mideast peace

by Robert Barwick and Allen Douglas

Joseph Gutnick, an Australia mining magnate and leader of the Chabad Lubavitcher cult, poured over $1 million of his personal funds into the Likud election campaign of Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.

International Intelligence


LaRouche charges Reno with political corruption

by Debra Hanania Freeman

As new evidence comes to light of rampant corruption within the U.S. Justice Department, LaRouche points out that, when his own attorneys went to Attorney General Janet Reno with evidence of a clear pattern of political corruption in the way her department was handling his case, “she conducted a coverup.”

LaRouche associates attack Va. convictions

Anita Gallagher, Paul Gallagher, and Laurence Hecht, all serving long sentences as political prisoners in Virginia, have filed petitions for a writ of habeas corpus with the state Supreme Court, accompanied by five volumes of evidence of government misconduct.

Who is Richard Mellon Scaife?

by Edward Spannaus

Part 3 of our exposé on the moneybags behind the media assault against President Clinton and Lyndon LaRouche.

National News