Volume 24, Number 40, October 3, 1997



From New Delhi

by Ramtanu Maitra

Nepal-Bangladesh transit—a new chapter.

Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

A “virtual” Social Democracy.


High stakes at the U.S.-China summit.


At the IMF meeting: Soros battles LaRouche

by Richard Freeman

The knives were out at the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank, held in Hongkong. Lyndon LaRouche, who has a 25-year history of opposition to the IMF’s destruction of nations, emerged publicly at the center of the policy fight.

Documentation: International press coverage of LaRouche’s role.

Soros robs the poor, gives to the rich

by Scott Thompson

The challenges and opportunities we face

by Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

The speech by Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad at the IMF-World Bank meeting.

Soros to Mahathir: I am not a moron

by George Soros

From George Soros’s speech at the IMF meeting.

Economics takes center stage in Manila

By Our Manila Correspondents.

Currency Rates

The Norwegian elections: Monetarists demand more austerity—because of too much money

by Ulf Sandmark

Shuttle-Mir program is under threat from Congress

by Marsha Freeman

Business Briefs


An alternative to neo-liberalism: the LaRouche-Riemann method  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Presently, the entirety of this planet is gripped by a great financial, monetary, and economic crisis,” Lyndon LaRouche said, in a speech delivered on his behalf in Guadalajara, Mexico. “In today’s economic policy, the only important question is: Can, and will some leading governments put the old, bankrupt financial and monetary systems into government- supervised reorganization? Can, and will this be done, in time to prevent a world-wide repetition of the kind of ‘New Dark Age’ which Europe suffered during the Fourteenth Century?”


The ‘LaRouche Effect’ takes Mexico by storm

by Valerie Rush

Lyndon LaRouche’s enemies are undoubtedly kicking themselves for their mishandling of his planned visit to Mexico. Although unable to travel to Mexico, LaRouche has taken the country by storm.

Internet fraud alert!

Congo’s dictator Laurent Kabila is sitting on a time-bomb

by Linda de Hoyos

Israeli-Palestinian tensions rise as Netanyahu undermines peace efforts

by Hussein Nadeem

New evidence that Diana was murdered

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Alarm grows over North Korea famine

U.S. puts on pressure for Sudan peace

by Linda de Hoyos

The government of Sudan and the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army signed a joint communique´ on Sept. 22, announcing negotiations to take place in Kenya.

International Intelligence


AFL-CIO convention launches organizing drive

by Marianna Wertz

Vowing to take back the U.S. Congress in 1998 for a pro-labor agenda, the AFL-CIO met in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sept. 22-25. It’s clear that the Democrats are hoping that the reenergized labor movement, under John Sweeney’s leadership, can deliver on that pledge.

Harwood wins mayoral primary in Charlotte

LaRouche Democrat Jim Harwood is the Democratic nominee for mayor.

Reno gives in, opens probe of President

by Edward Spannaus

Attorney General Janet Reno has opened an initial investigation into fundraising by President Clinton, which could ultimately result in the appointment of a second special prosecutor against him.

Lindy Boggs ready to take up Vatican post

by Nina Ogden

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News