Volume 24, Number 42, October 17, 1997



Dr. Ray Terry

Dr. Terry is a Public Health Analyst in theWashington, D.C. Health Department.

Jonathan Smith

The executive director of the D.C. Prisoners’ Legal Services Project reports on the fate of the D.C. prisoners transferred to the private Corrections Corporation of America prison in Youngstown, Ohio.

Dr. Andres Taylor

An English teacher at the University of the District of Columbia, Dr. Taylor describes the gutting of the university’s programs and staff, under recent austerity programs.


Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

Travel expenses scandal rocks government.


“Global warming” is a British hoax.


Bankers’ dictatorship makes Washington a death camp

by Dennis Speed

The deliberate destruction of Washington, D.C. is the product of a set of false assumptions about economic policy, which are shared by groups otherwise bitterly opposed to each other. Dennis Speed reports.

What’s at stake, in the battle to save the nation’s capital

by Anton Chaitkin

Anton Chaitkin addresses a citizens’ hearing on “Nazi economics” in Washington, D.C.

How Washington was built

Blueprint for Nazi economics in the District of Columbia

by Abdul Alim Muhammad, M.D.

Testimony of Abdul Alim Muhammad, M.D., to the citizens’ hearing.

The downsizing of health care in D.C.

An interview with Dr. Ray Terry.

Privatized prisons: a travesty of justice

by Dennis Speed

An eyewitness report from CCA-Youngstown

An interview with Jonathan Smith.

Funds for higher education cut in half

An interview with Dr. Andres Taylor.

Big MAC: How a bankers’ dictatorship was imposed on New York City

by L. Wolfe


Behind ‘emerging market,’ depression grips Russia

by Rachel Douglas

While the virtual reality of “emerging markets,” which are dominated by pure speculation, paints a rosy picture, Russia is losing population faster than in World War II.

Currency Rates

Malaysia’s Mahathir gaining global support in fight against Soros

by Gail G. Billington

Documentation: From the prime minister’s press conference in Argentina, and press controversy over the fight between him and George Soros.

Pakistan’s Aziz hits ‘footloose capital’

Mahathir takes fight versus speculators to Ibero-America

The text of Dr. Mahathir’s speech in Santiago, Chile.

Congressional hearing defends speculation in derivatives

by Richard Freeman

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and the top U.S. derivatives trading banks are desperately opposed to reporting of derivatives on-balance sheet.

Business Briefs


Moles try to wreck U.S.A.-China summit  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The British monarchy is waging economic and diplomatic warfare, aimed at isolating and crushing the United States, and the strategic planners at the Defense Department do not appear to be paying attention to their duty to plan the strategic defense of our republic,” writes Lyndon LaRouche.

Shaping the 21st Century for the betterment of mankind

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Schiller Institute’s Zepp-LaRouche returns to Beijing

by Mary Burdman

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche was interviewed by People’s Daily, during a week-long visit to Beijing in September.


Israel’s Netanyahu caught deploying assassins

by Joseph Brewda

It has been shown once again, that the British and Israeli right-wing fundamentalists are the major purveyors of terrorist operations worldwide.Will Netanyahu be ousted before he starts another Mideast war?

British royals launch Commonwealth imperial offensive

by Mark Burdman

Hoping to reverse their mounting political losses, the British royals are shifting the empire’s functions increasingly under the banner of the Commonwealth.

In Memoriam: Gertrude Pitzinger: Lieder singer’s soul speaks out from song

by Renate Leffek

International Intelligence


Anglophiles try to derail Clinton’s China policy

by Suzanne Rose

A nest of British agents in and around Congress are trying to disrupt the historic U.S.-China summit in October, between Presidents Clinton and Jiang Zemin.

Clinton rejects Brits on greenhouse cuts

by William Jones

The British want the United States to agree to a 15% cut in “greenhouse gases” emissions at the Environmental Summit in December in Kyoto, Japan, which would be economic disaster. And, the demand is based on the fraud of global warming.

Reno clears President on Chinagate, for now

by Edward Spannaus

By forcing the issue, what Republicans got was a detailed refutation of the most serious charges which have been levelled by the news media against President Clinton in the course of the campaign fundraising controversy.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News