Volume 24, Number 50, December 12, 1997



Sam Aluko and Ode Ojowu

Professor Aluko is chairman of the National Economic Intelligence Committee of Nigeria. Dr. Ojowu is a member of the NEIC, and is director of the Center for Development Studies in Jos.

Chief Anthony Ani

Nigeria’s minister of finance discusses the international financial crisis, and its effects on his nation.

Bob Duncan

The executive director of the Engineers and Architects Association attacks the layoffs at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Revive the Humboldt education system!

Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

Uproar over pedophile scandal.


Let America’s children sing.

Political Economy

LaRouches face off against the British in Nigeria

by Lawrence K. Freeman

The contrast in outlooks presented at the Fourth Nigerian Economic Summit, between Helga Zepp-LaRouche and a spokesman for British interests, expresses the fierce debate over Nigeria’s economic policy.

IMF conditionalities are destroying Nigeria’s economy

Am interview with Prof. Sam Aluko and Dr. Ode Ojowu.

Nigeria’s perspective for achieving economic growth

An interview with Chief Anthony Ani.


The IMF demands Weimar-style hyperinflation  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Unless the United States government acts, very soon, to stop him in his tracks, the ‘bail-out conditionalities’ which an imperial IMF Director, Michel Camdessus, has dictated to South Korea, will have launched the entire world into a global replay of the famous 1922- 1923 Weimar Germany hyperinflation.”

Hyperinflation in Germany, 1921-23

by Richard Freeman

LaRouche calls for exchange controls

Camdessus fingers South Korea

by William Engdahl

The IMF conditions attached to the $55 billion emergency package will finish off the world’s 11th-largest industrial economy.

40% of U.S. Treasuries are held by foreigners

by Richard Freeman

Fight against currency speculation spreads

by Gail G. Billington

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir continues his campaign against the speculators.

Currency Rates

Soros’s ‘lunar cycles’ won’t stop collapse

by Cynthia R. Rush

Greens and the United Nations ram through ban on methyl bromide

by Colin Lowry

Business Briefs


French police hush up new leads on Diana’s murder

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Allen Douglas

There are gaping holes in the French cover-story, centered around the vehicles involved in the crash, and the delay in providing medical care for Diana, who was still alive after the crash.

Hollinger hit-man targets al-Fayeds

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the poison pen against President Clinton, has a new assignment: smearing the al-Fayed family.

Royals were steering MI6 campaign vs. Diana, Dodi


The systemic threat of disintegration in Russia

by Konstantin George and Rachel Douglas

The eagerness of the IMF to patch together an illusory bailout of Russia, is matched by that of the Russian comprador caste, which faces political elimination, when the crisis of state finances reaches a point of no return.

Free-trader Klaus falls in the Czech Republic

by Angelika Beyreuther-Raimondi

S. Asia, Land-Bridge hit by new instability

by Susan B. Maitra and Ramtanu Maitra

London fuels Mideast ‘Armageddon’ war danger

by Joseph Brewda

Sudan and Iraq are the latest targets of Israeli sabre-rattling, on orders from London.

Kagame’s killing fields in Rwanda

by Linda de Hoyos

UN’s Kofi Annan okays Brit terrorist haven

by Joseph Brewda

Ukraine must reject IMF shock therapy

by Natalya Vitrenko

A speech by Dr. Natalya Vitrenko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, and co-initiator of the “Urgent Appeal to President Clinton to Convene a New Bretton Woods Conference.”

Dangers, opportunities in the third millennium

by Jozef Miklosko

By Dr. Jozef Miklosko, former vice prime minister in the first post-communist government of Czechoslovakia, and vice rector of Trnava University in Trnava, Slovak Republic.

International Intelligence


The mob that Moon really married

by Anton Chaitkin

Moonshine over Washington: Anton Chaitkin reveals what lies behind Sun Myung Moon’s multimillion-dollar cult empire.

Activists vow to defeat prison privatization

by Rochelle Ascher

Troupe appeals to state legislators

A letter by State Rep. Charles Quincy Troupe (D-Mo.).

Trouble in the Mellon patch, as Scaife cuts off funding

by Edward Spannaus

Conservative Revolutionary money-bag Richard Mellon Scaife has had a falling out with some of the beneficiaries of his largesse.

The ‘media food chain’ and the ‘burial’ hoax

by Edward Spannaus

Allegations that the Clinton White House was selling plots at Arlington National Cemetery in exchange for campaign contributions, turned out to be a total lie.

Los Angeles union head speaks out about pending layoffs, cutbacks

An interview with Bob Duncan.

National News