Volume 25, Number 20, May 15, 1998



Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

The lunatics take over.


Railroads and the American System.


Greenspan echoes LaRouche, warns of ‘financial implosion’

by Marcia Merry Baker

Even the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board is now warning of a “systemic disruption” to the global financial system, “beyond our degree of comprehension or our ability to respond effectively.”

Asian NGOs demand action on financial crisis

The ‘New Europe’ is not quite a union

by Rainer Apel

The Brussels summit turned into an 11-hour slugfest, including over control of the European Central Bank.

Danish strikers demand share of ‘prosperity’

by Poul Rasmussen

Repair of U.S.-Japanese relations key to solving financial crisis

Meiji Restoration shows how Japan can judo its debt problem

by Kathy Wolfe

Japan must use its debt as a weapon, as patriots did during Japan’s 19th-century Meiji Restoration. Those nations with the courage to reorganize the debt first, will have the critical strategic advantage.

Thailand battles against its first colonization

by Michael O. Billington

A nation which prides itself on never having been colonized by a foreign power, is now faced with the loss of sovereignty over its economy to the international financial oligarchy.

Business Briefs


Exonerate LaRouche, to stop America’s political lynchings

by Susan Welsh

To halt the British-led assault on American institutions, including the Presidency, the permanent bureaucracy in the Department of Justice must be cleaned up. The key to victory is the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche.

Will Don Fowler’s friends destroy the Virginia Democratic Party?

by Nancy Spannaus

By LaRouche Democrat and Congressional candidate Nancy Spannaus.

Baltimore coalition mobilizes against ‘hit squad’ in the DOJ

From a town meeting sponsored by the Schiller Institute: speeches and interventions by Debra Hanania-Freeman, former South Carolina State Sen. Theo Mitchell, former Maryland State Sen. Larry Young, and former Maryland State Sen. Clarence Mitchell III.

McDade-Murtha ‘Citizens Protection Act of 1998’

The text of H.R. 3396, introduced by Reps. Joseph McDade (R-Pa.) and John Murtha (D-Pa.).

IRS gestapo is scrutinized by Senate

by Suzanne Rose

Documentation: Testimony from former Sen. Howard Baker, former Rep. James Quillen, former IRS agents, and other victims of IRS abuse.


Clinton undertakes bold steps for Mideast peace

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

The President has decisively shifted U.S. foreign policy, in an effort to bring Israeli madman, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, under control, and save the Mideast peace.

A confident Chinese general visits India

by Ramtanu Maitra and Susan B. Maitra

The head of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Gen. Fu Quanyou, held “free and frank” talks in India on security concerns of both nations.

Ukrainian judge rules to reinstate Vitrenko

The essential features of statecraft to ensure Africa’s development  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche spoke in Rome on April 3, to a seminar that included priests and students from several African countries, especially from the Great Lakes Region.

Angola’s ‘black gold’ and diamonds: Are they a nation’s best friends?

by Dean Andromidas

Part 2 of a story on Angola’s efforts to recover from civil war, based on a visit by EIR correspondents to that nation.

International Intelligence


LaRouche’s prosecutor jumps to Starr’s defense

by Edward Spannaus

One of the most corrupt prosecutors, Henry Hudson, the U.S. Attorney who railroaded Lyndon LaRouche to prison, has rushed to defend Starr’s prosecutorial misconduct.

Clinton administration bans sale of small arms to British firms

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The imposition of the ban, Washington sources tell EIR, is another move by the United States to target Britain’s role as the major state supporter of international terrorism.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News