Volume 25, Number 27, July 3, 1998



Arthur J. Rolnick

Mr. Rolnick is the Senior Vice President and Director of Research of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Harold Bedoya

General Bedoya (ret.) was the Presidential candidate for the Colombian Force Movement in Colombia’s recent elections.

Jack Ramsay

Mr. Ramsay is the Reform Party’s Justice Critic in the Canadian House of Commons.

Radoslav Artukovic

Mr. Artukovic spoke about the OSI use of false evidence against his father, Andrija Artukovic, who was extradited to Yugoslavia on charges that he had committed war crimes while he was an official of the Croatian government during World War II.



An idea whose time is long overdue.

Book Reviews

Smear artists and sex scandals, then and now

by Edward Spannaus

Anatomy of a Scandal: An Investigation into the Campaign to Undermine the Clinton Presidency, by James D. Retter.


Brawl over U.S. Justice Dept. corruption spills into Canada

The hiring of Neal Sher as a senior consultant to the Canadian Justice Department’s war crimes unit, has caused a political uproar.

Documentation: Excerpts from hearings by Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights.


All eyes are still on Japan and the yen

by William Engdahl

The joint U.S.-Japan support of the yen has bought some time, but the size of the bad debt problem facing Japan, which private estimates put at $1.5 trillion, is daunting. Said one banker, “If this credit crunch continues, all the world will simply collapse.”

America is not immune

Commentaries on the crisis by Roger Altman and John Kenneth Galbraith.

The case for fixed exchange rates

An interview with Arthur J. Rolnick.

Malaysia’s Mahathir trumps ‘anti-corruption’ crowd

Prime Minister Mahathir is warning that Asia is being softened up for “re-colonization.”

Australia: The strategic implications of Pauline Hanson’s election victory  

The victory of Hanson’s One Nation party in the Queensland state elections is a harbinger of the sentiment for a return to American System, nation-building economic policies.

Business Briefs


It’s time leading nations admitted: LaRouche was right

EIR’s June 19 seminar in Washington addressed the theme, “When Will the Leading Nations, Including the United States, Admit That the IMF Is a Complete Failure, and Implement Lyndon LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods System?”

Reverse three decades of destruction

A speech by John Hoefle, EIR’s banking specialist.

The financial crisis in Russia

A speech by Rachel Douglas, EIR’s Russia desk officer.

Ibero-America’s debt cancer out of control

A speech by Dennis Small, EIR’s Ibero-American intelligence director.

Humanity’s survival is a subjective question

Closing remarks by moderator Nancy Spannaus, editor-in-chief of the New Federalist newspaper.


Pastrana victory in Colombia opens door for policy shift

The notorious narco-regime of Ernesto Samper Pizano and his designated successor, Horatio Serpa, was repudiated by voters on June 21. The new President, Andrés Pastrana, can take office with a clean slate, and has an opportunity to change the nation’s disastrous course of accommodation with the narco-terrorists.

No to the proposed invasion of Colombia!

Excerpts from a policy statement by Maximiliano Londoño Penilla, president of the Ibero-American Solidarity Movement of Colombia.

Colombia and the U.S. can jointly defeat narcoterrorism

An interview with Gen. Harold Bedoya (ret.).

Peru cabinet shuffle makes IMF nervous

Israel’s ‘Islamic’ terrorist ties exposed

Rwandans appeal to Organization of African Unity to help restore peace

An “Appeal to the OAU to Restore Peace and Security in Rwanda,” issued by Rwanda’s Assembly for the Return of Democracy and Refugees.

International Intelligence


Battle over McDade-Murtha smokes out DOJ thugs  

by Debra Hanania-Freeman

The drive to gain 218 co-sponsors for H.R. 3396 has forced the appendages of the DOJ permanent bureaucracy out into the open, lobbying door-to-door on Capitol Hill to stop a bill that would help clean up prosecutorial abuse. The battle is shaping up as the most important domestic policy fight to take place on Capitol Hill in decades.

Kenneth Starr to bring indictments in Virginia?

The independent counsel is making preparations to bring indictments against associates of President Clinton in the “rocket docket” of the notorious Eastern District of Virginia.

Will Michigan become ‘euthanasia capital’?

by Linda Everett

The death lobby is mounting a mobilization in favor of Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian, seeking to ram through a referendum in support of “assisted suicide” in the November elections.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News