Volume 25, Number 33, August 21, 1998



Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

No truce in nuclear power wars.

Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

Privatization contaminates Sydney water.


This financial system is finished.


A ‘rolling crash’ hits global financial markets

by William Engdahl

“The international financial system is in such a state, that the wrong news at this point can crack it open,” one financial expert commented to EIR.

China makes clear: No devaluation of RMB!

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Reflecting sane economic thinking, leading Chinese officials and economic experts have stepped forward to reaffirm China’s commitment to maintain the value of its currency.

IMF package is no solution for Ukraine

by Konstantin George

Japan in political, economic collapse

It’s official: Japan has entered a depression, and the current leadership is crazy, committed to protecting paper property values, while the real economy goes to hell.

Malaysia battles the IMF on national, international fronts

by Michael O. Billington

Malaysia’s government has escalated its counter-offensive against the International Monetary Fund, while introducing an emergency domestic economic policy for survival.

The real, and fake, opponents of the IMF

by Michael O. Billington

Business Briefs


Mathematics & Measurement: Science vs. ideology  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“How did it happen, that, in the U.S.A., in particular, so many among government officials, and others, have been misled into supporting those policies which have ruined the U.S. economy during the course of the recent quarter-century?... The essence of the problem ... is that our government and Wall Street, to name but two relevant cases, have chosen a kind of mathematics which is intrinsically absurd when applied to economic analysis.”

Math and matter

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Embassy bombings aimed to drive U.S. out of Africa

by Dean Andromidas and Joseph Brewda

The international oligarchical enemies of the United States have declared that they do not intend to allow the United States to trample on their “colonial turf”—especially African colonial turf, rich in strategic raw materials.

Tracking Her Majesty’s intelligence service

by Hussein Al-Nadeem

London’s terrorist groups have been shouting since Aug. 7, the day of the bombing of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, “We did it! We did it!”

Taliban conquer northern Afghanistan

by Ramtanu Maitra

Milosevic creates catastrophe in Kosova

by Umberto Pascali

The genocide continues, as the West fails to intervene.

London’s warlords launch war to grab Congo—again

by Linda de Hoyos

Less than 16 months since the military forces of Rwanda and Uganda marched Laurent Kabila into power in Kinshasa, the two neighbors have again invaded Congo.

Human rights mafia commits fraud against Cambodia

by Michael O. Billington and Gail G. Billington

Narco-terrorists open ‘war of secession’ against Colombia

by Gretchen Small

Israeli Labor leaders urge U.S. Mideast role

by William Jones

Prince Philip’s assault on religion

by Scott Thompson

The residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury was the site at which representatives of the “nine world religions,” plus World Bank President Sir James Wolfensohn, met to confer on implementing the Royal Consort’s Malthusian, feudalist agenda.

Documentation: Excerpts from the speeches at Lambeth Palace.

High priest of evil: Martin Palmer

by Scott Thompson and Mark Burdman

International Intelligence


Will new scandals bring down Starr and Olson?

by Edward Spannaus

The independent inquisitor is under investigation for leaking grand jury secrets to the press, and for witness-tampering involving his key witness in Arkansas, David Hale.

News media were Starr’s informants

by Edward Spannaus

Starr has not just been secretly giving confidential information to the news media, but members of the news media have also been giving confidential information to Starr, for his use in investigations and prosecutions.

Rep. Smith ambushes Chinese ambassador

by William Jones

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News