Volume 25, Number 36, September 11, 1998



Tatyana Koryagina

Dr. Koryagina is an Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and an economics adviser to opposition deputies in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Lawrence Freeman

Freeman is a candidate for Governor in Maryland’s Sept. 15 Democratic primary. He heads the Marylanders for Justice slate of LaRouche Democrats running in the state.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Russian crisis sends wake-up call.

Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

Police take on “anti-corruption” scam.


Rumblings on the derivatives front.


The death of Diana: Many questions unanswered

by Jeffrey Steinberg

One year after the crash that claimed the life of Princess Diana, and despite the best efforts of the French police, the British monarchy, and the vast majority of the European and American media to pronounce the crash a case of drunk driving, evidence continues to accumulate that it was anything but an accident.

A day in the life, and death, of a Princess

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Diana, Dodi murders: year of the cover-up

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Prince Philip’s murderous rage

by Jeffrey Steinberg

On the day of the crash, the London Sunday Mirror revealed the Windsors’ covert war against Diana.

Monarchy’s toadies howl: ‘Off with her head!’


Re-regulate, reindustrialize: It’s the American Way!

by Susan Welsh

Lyndon LaRouche has long warned that if the policies of British monetarism were not scrapped, the world economy would head for a crash. Now, the battle between those who favor re-regulation and protection of the physical economy, and those who still back the disastrous “free market” program, is at center stage.

‘Russia is on the verge of a revolution against speculators’

An interview with Dr. Tatyana Koryagina.

Hong Kong hits speculators, as China develops New Deal

by Mary Burdman

The myth that the speculators are “invincible” has been smashed, by the decisive victories of the Hong Kong authorities.

Malaysia asserts its monetary independence

A statement by the Malaysian central bank.

Dialogue with Dr. Mahathir: Why Malaysia needs capital controls

On Sept. 1, following the Bank Negara’s release of a statement announcing the imposition of capital controls, and setting an Oct. 1 deadline for repatriation of offshore ringgit, Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad gave a televised interview to the nation on the measures.

The era of free trade is over

Statements by economists, government officials, and media commentators on the need for measures to deal with the global financial collapse.

The real economics of the American System

Excerpts from the writings of two international leaders of the anti-British school of political economy: Henry Carey of the United States and Count Sergei Witte of Russia.

Venezuela denounces financiers’ plot

by David Ramonet

Business Briefs


Peru’s Fujimori commits hara-kiri, fires Hermoza

by Luis Vásquez Medina and Gretchen Small

London’s Dope, Inc. apparatus has finally succeeded in breaking up the civil-military alliance which has saved Peru from disintegration at the hands of narco-terrorist armies.

Gen. Hermoza: lessons we must never forget

Excerpts from the speech of Peruvian Armed Forces Commander Gen. Nicolás Hermoza Ríos, upon leaving his command.

Israel pushes U.S. clash with Pakistan

by Joseph Brewda

A report on a conference at the U.S. Institute on Peace in Washington, on “Counterterrorism Strategy: Lessons after Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, and Omagh.”

EIR white paper on ‘Missed Chance of 1989’ released in Germany

International Intelligence


‘New Democrats’ in new treachery vs. the President

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Over three years ago, Sen. Ted Kennedy insisted the country did not need two Republican Parties. The New Democrats, all taking their hits at the President, don’t agree.

Appeals Court backs LaRouche v. Fowler

Kenneth Starr’s unconstitutional and illegal impeachment campaign

by Edward Spannaus

A guide for what the Constitution allows, and does not allow, in the impeachment and conviction of a U.S. official.

LaRouche Democrats introduce reality into Maryland election

An interview with Lawrence Freeman.

Foreign press rips Starr witch-hunt as threat to international security

ADL’s ‘Get LaRouche’ hitman Suall dies

by Scott Thompson

An obituary for Irwin Suall.

National News