Volume 25, Number 40, October 9, 1998



Nedzib Sacirbey

Bosnia’s Ambassador-at-large discusses Milosevic’s renewed genocide, this time in Kosova.

Gen. Harold Bedoya

Half of Colombia is being turned over to the narco-terrorists, says this former Presidential candidate.



Never again!

Science & Technology

Petawatt laser creates machine-tool revolution

by Charles B. Stevens

Scientists have designed a tabletop laser so powerful and precise that it will revolutionize the machine-tool-design sector.

LaRouche explained ‘tuning’ lasers in 1983

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche’s design of the Strategic Defense Initiative program, as a science-driver for the economy, has been proven correct.


Emergency world reorganization: What each among all nations must do now  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An eight-point directive by Lyndon LaRouche, defining the range of actions to be taken to wipe a mass of fictitious paper in excess of $100 trillion off the books.

One derivatives disaster after another; will they never learn?

by John Hoefle

Greenspan presides over LTC disaster

by Richard Freeman

After years of intimidating anyone who suggested that governments should regulate speculative instruments, this Ayn Rand cultist intervened to save a worthless hedge fund.

LaRouche told you so, 1993-98

A comparative chronology: what LaRouche said about derivatives, what Greenspan and other said, and who was right.

President Clinton’s call for an emergency meeting

Excerpts from President Clinton’s speech announcing an emergency meeting to deal with the global financial crisis.

Amidst world economic crisis, China is building its New Deal

by Mary Burdman

Exemplary is China’s approach to the horrible Yangtze flooding: Beijing is taking the opportunity to build new housing, infrastructure, water management, and industry.

Kosovars have been sentenced to death

An interview with Ambassador Nedzib Sacirbey.

Business Briefs


The truth about ‘American Exceptionalism’

by Jeffrey Steinberg

What lies behind the British attack on the Presidency? An irrepressible fear that the American people will be catalyzed in the tradition of John Quincy Adams and Franklin Roosevelt, and defeat the oligarchs’ evil game.

American Exceptionalism in the 20th century

by Jeffrey Steinberg

A born patrician, Franklin Delano Roosevelt spent his recovery from polio in researching the Founding Fathers. By 1928, he would announce his revival of their policies: “The time is ripe to start another chapter. On that new page there is much that should be written in the spirit of our forebears. If the leadership is right—or, more truly, if the spirit behind it is great—the United States can regain the world’s trust and friendship and become again of service.”

John Quincy Adams and universal America

by Anton Chaitkin

A look at the role of John Quincy Adams, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, President, and U.S. Representative. This Classically educated man set the precedents for the development of the independent United States as a great power, one with a universal mission of nation-building and resistance to British tyranny.


Schröder wins, as Germany faces global economic crisis

by Rainer Apel

The Christian Democrats weren’t defeated by the Social Democrats: They defeated themselves, by refusing to take leadership in the economic crisis. The new Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, is no better prepared.

Israel’s Netanyahu pushing new war

by Joseph Brewda

The FARC narco-terrorists are about to be handed half of Colombia

An interview with Gen. Harold Bedoya.

International Intelligence


Fight to save the Presidency is rapidly gaining ground

by Debra Hanania-Freeman

Gingrich’s rush to judgment against President Clinton has provoked a backlash, which the LaRouche movement is catalyzing into action.

The truth about perjury

by Edward Spannaus

Careerists in the justice system are so good at lying under oath, they refer to it as “testilying.” And these are Kenneth Starr’s associates.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News