Volume 25, Number 50, December 18, 1998



Aleksander Legatowicz

Mr. Legatowicz is an economist and professor at College of Management in Warsaw. He was a close collaborator of the late Cardinal Wyszynski, served as a deputy in the Polish Sejm (Parliament) during the late 1980s, and was a member of the State Council.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

A pact for monetarism.

Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

War on the police.


Re-inventing corruption.

Book Reviews

John Kenneth Galbraith: an intelligent, sane economist

by Lawrence K. Freeman

Letters to Kennedy, by John Kenneth Galbraith.


Why expose Gore’s record now?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The gut of the Gore issue, is that this is no ordinary strategic crisis. By acting as he has done, repeatedly, in the worsening world crisis which erupted this Autumn, in the midst of the most awesome, global financial and monetary crisis in modern history, Gore’s foolish actions, like the treachery of the Confederacy’s Jefferson Davis, crossed the bloody line. He went beyond his usual, childish foolishness, and crossed that line, which defines where U.S. national-security ends, and intolerable conduct begins.”

Who is the Vice President, really?

by Anton Chaitkin

A profile of Albert Gore, Jr.

Al Gore: The most corrupt man never elected President  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Gore, Armand Hammer, and a one-world order

by Scott Thompson

A profile of Albert Gore, Sr.


Boeing layoffs usher in new phase of production collapse

by Richard Freeman

Since late summer, the world physical economy has entered a new phase-shift downward. Boeing’s announced layoffs of 48,000 workers since August, 20.2% of its total workforce, is the leading edge of a collapse which is hitting American production capacity.

International Monetary Fund ‘model’ in Thailand meets stiff resistance

by Michael O. Billington

A view from Poland: LaRouche’s ideas must be part of the debate

An interview with Aleksander Legatowicz.

Polish resistance stiffens against IMF

A speech by Polish Deputy Jan Lopuszanski.

Business Briefs


When economics becomes science  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The policy initiatives surrounding the Eurasian Land-Bridge that have been launched by Chinese President Jiang Zemin—virtually blacked out in the Western media—represent “the only source of economic hope for the nearly smashed economy of western Europe. The entire world needs this policy, urgently; only such cooperation, of this intensity, on this scale, can reverse the plunge toward doom which has been unleashed upon us now, by the foolish choices of policy-directions adopted by the trans-Atlantic powers during the recent thirty-odd years.”


Zepp-LaRouche in Mexico opens new strategic flank

By breaking the blackout in the Western Hemisphere concerning China’s recent initiatives to expand the Eurasian Land-Bridge program, Zepp-LaRouche has unleashed a storm of controversy in Mexico and beyond.

Documentation: A selection of press coverage from Mexico and the Arab world.

Russia acts to recover from IMF disaster

by Konstantin George

The Primakov government took two steps to end its subservience to the IMF, rejecting the IMF’s latest conditionalities, and purging the hard core of Presidential staff members representing financial oligarchic and monetarist interests intent on destabilizing Russia.

Eco-fascists promote fake New Bretton Woods

One of the more insidious efforts is “The Siena Declaration on the Crisis of Economic Globalization,” cooked up in Edward “Teddy” Goldsmith’s home in Siena, Italy.

Uproar in U.K. over ‘Mandy’s’ romps in Rio

by Mark Burdman

British Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Mandelson is the latest of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s confidants to be exposed for homosexual escapades.

France’s Dumas may be on his way out

by Claire Dupont

London’s Great Lakes wars bring death to Burundians

by Linda de Hoyos

International Intelligence


Hyde leads lame duck Congress in insurrection

by Edward Spannaus

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman and his cohorts are determined to push through an impeachment which will not only permanently weaken the Presidency, but which will virtually paralyze the United States government during a time of unprecedented financial and economic crisis. This, despite the fact that the November elections showed that the vast majority of the American population is opposed to impeachment.

National News