Volume 26, Number 5, January 29, 1999



Maurice Strong

The UN Undersecretary General and Earth Council Chairman was a co-founder with Britain’s Prince Philip of the elite 1001 Club; vice president of the World Wildlife Fund; and Secretary General of the UN Conference on the Environment and Development—the Rio Summit of 1992.

Mahdi Ibrahim Mohamed

Sudan’s Ambassador to the United States outlines the multi-party political system going into effect under Sudan’s new Constitution.

Mohsen Zahran

Dr. Mohsen Zahran is director of the General Organization of the Alexandria Library, in Egypt.

William H. McCann, Jr.

Mr. McCann is a member of the Board of Directors of New Hampshire’s Service Employees International Union statewide umbrella Local 1984 and president of Chapter 41 SEIU, and has served as a member of the state House of Representatives.


Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

“Real” crisis sends out shock waves.


The party’s over.

Book Reviews

Labor leader exposes ‘Silent Depression’

by Steven A. Carr

Plenty of Nothing: The Downsizing of the American Dream and the Case for Structural Keynesianism, by Thomas I. Palley.


‘All the king’s horses’ can’t put Brazil back together

Brazil’s foreign debt is over $480 billion—more than twice as big as Russia’s real foreign debt. It’s no wonder that Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and others are sweating, particularly as political opposition to the Brazilian government’s monetarist policies is growing within the country.

Documentation: Statements by Itamar Franco, former President and current Governor of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais; and the “Letter of Belo Horizonte,” issued by state governors.

China to U.S.: Help us build infrastructure

by Richard Freeman

An analysis of the “shopping list” presented by Chinese officials to the United States, to build the Eurasian Land-Bridge and related infrastructure projects.

Internet insanity, tulips, and derivatives

by John Hoefle

The guardians of the financial bubble are blowing the whistle on the Internet—to protect the derivatives bubble.

Senate hearing proves food supply shrinkage is not a ‘rural’ crisis

by Marcia Merry Baker

Democratic senators from the central farm states held a hearing on Jan. 5, because family farmers are facing ruin at such a rapid rate that whole towns, counties, and regions are closing down.

Business Briefs


Al Gore and his Wall Street ‘BAC’ cronies’

by Jeffrey Steinberg

A concert of British, American, and Canadian financier oligarchs, known historically as the BAC, is devoted to bringing about the end of the republican nation-state. Al Gore is their tool to oust President Clinton, who constitutes a potentially mortal threat to their evil policies.

Al Gore, Dick Morris, and Kenneth Starr

Strange bedfellows? Not really.

Vice President Gore’s ‘other bad acts’

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Maurice Strong discusses his pal Al Gore’s Dark Age ‘cloak of green’  

by Scott Thompson

A profile of the Canadian Mr. Environmentalist, friend of the British royal family, who expounds upon Gore’s beliefs and political connections.

Meet eco-fascist Al Gore

by Lance Rosen

Mumbo-jumbo from Gore’s Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit.


Chinese government sends a clear signal to Clinton

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche underlines the strategic importance of an article published in the Chinese press, titled “Ally with China, Not with London,” which cites Lyndon LaRouche’s recommendations to President Clinton. If this advice is not taken, we’re on a short fuse to nuclear war.

Russia’s new ICBM signals dangerous strategic shift

U.S. prepares ‘Contra’ option against Iraq

by Joseph Brewda

A profile of Iraqi opposition groups

Economic integration in Central Asia: history and political geography

by Prof. Yang Shu

A guest commentary by Prof. Yang Shu, Director of the Institute of Central Asian Studies, Lanzhou University, People’s Republic of China.

Sudan puts new Constitution into effect with multi-party elections

by Lawrence K. Freeman

Cambodia’s Hun Sen exposes Khmer Rouge backers in the West

Alexandria Library to become new center of learning for the world

An interview with Dr. Mohsen Zahran.

International Intelligence


Clinton goes on attack against coup attempt

by Edward Spannaus

The fact that the President has refused to crawl and beg in front of his enemies has inspired a significant portion of the U.S. population to rally around him.

Is Kathleen Willey a Gore plant?

by Edward Spannaus

A number of the House Managers are pressing to bring in Willey and other “Jane Does” from the Paula Jones case as witnesses in an attempt to bolster their flagging impeachment case against the President. But the odd thing is, that Willey has closer and longer-standing ties to Vice President Al Gore than to Bill Clinton.

Pollard is an enemy of Israel, too, not just of the United States

by Michele Steinberg

Resistance is growing to spy Jonathan Pollard’s release from U.S. prison, both in America and from circles in Israel.

New Hampshire labor leader says Al Gore should be impeached

An interview with William H. McCann, Jr.

National News