Volume 26, Number 10, March 5, 1999



Laith Shubeilat

Jordan’s leading opposition figure describes how most Arab governments gave a green light to the U.K.-U.S. bombing of Iraq.

Ed Vaughn

Representative Vaughn, the Chairman of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus, discusses saving Detroit’s schools from a takeover by the Republican governor and Democratic mayor.


Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

Another privatization scam.


The would-be gods of Olympus are doomed.


Record U.S. trade deficit shows economy is crumbling

by Richard Freeman

Not only is the United States not producing and exporting what the world needs most—capital goods, machine tools, farm equipment—the flood of cheap consumer goods it imports are a result of crushing the currencies of poorer nations.

Russia shapes new industrial policy

The IMF and Brazil’s government: going down to collapse together

by Silvia Palacios

Like two drowning men, they are locked in a desperate embrace for their lives, sinking them both.

Backlash sets in vs. Germany’s Greens

by Rainer Apel

The industrial workforce is not about to let itself become an extinct species.

The sad truth about the real U.S. economy

by Richard Freeman

Five critical sectors of U.S. industry are failing fast.

How Anglo American won the siege of Zambia and got the copper

by Linda de Hoyos

More than just a story about the predatory mining giant against a poor African country, this is a case study of how the IMF and “donor community” enforce the policies of the financial oligarchy, a torture through which developing countries live every day.

Business Briefs


Recovery program could have blocked Hitler’s ‘legal coup’  

by Michael Liebig

Michael Liebig’s speech to the Schiller Institute Presidents’ Day conference “The Road to Recovery: Defeat the New Confederacy and Al Gore.”

A lesson for those who are committed to making history, not repeating it: Between November 1932, when the Nazi Party lost 2 million votes, and Jan. 30, 1933, when the unelectable Hitler, legally, came to power, Chancellor Gen. Kurt von Schleicher came within inches of defeating the plot, by implementing a jobs-creation program from the pages of American System economist Friedrich List. That very program for economic recovery spurred a panicked cabal of financial oligarchs in London, New York, and Berlin to oust von Schleicher, and install Hitler.


‘Shelton Plan’ goes into action against Iraq

by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach

The militarily incompetent and strategically insane plan to topple the government of Iraq is already well under way.

Jordan is unprotected from New World Order

An interview with Laith Shubeilat.

India, Pakistan prime ministers’ meeting promises a ‘new beginning’

by Ramtanu Maitra

Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee met with Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif in Lahore, and, reciting his own poem, affirmed, “There is a need for an atmosphere of trust.”

Why is Chávez in such a hurry to dismantle Venezuelan nation-state?

by David Ramonet

A look at the country’s “radical” new President; but, like all good Jacobins, he will never bite the IMF hand that feeds him.

Colombia ‘peace’ pact covers for drug surge

by Valerie Rush

Breakthroughs in probe of Diana’s murder

by Jeffrey Steinberg

European court rejects Cheminade suit, okays ruin of LaRouche’s ally

by Sophie Durand

The European Court of Human Rights rubber-stamped the human rights violations by the French wing of the “Get LaRouche” task force.

New Zealand to give legal rights to apes

by Mark Burdman

Georgians to Clinton: ‘Listen to LaRouche’

From an open letter by Vakhtang Goguadze and Valeri Kvaratskhelia of the Popular Democratic Union of Georgia.

Canned journalism in Poland’s ‘Polityka’

by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Who’s behind the bizarre concoction of slanders against Lyndon LaRouche?

International Intelligence


Al Gore’s racism on display at ‘anti-corruption’ event

by William Jones

It is the height of irony that Gore, with his notorious fund-raisers at Buddhist temples and his corrupt, back-room deals with former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, puts himself forward as a fighter against corruption.

Documentation: The text of an EIR White Paper, entitled “To Stop Corruption: Jail Soros and Impeach Gore,” circulated at two “anti-corruption” conferences in Washington.

Organized labor snubs Al Gore, tells its members to ‘organize’

by Marianna Wertz and Carl Osgood

Bush League’s ‘dirty tricks’ led to President Clinton’s impeachment.

by Edward Spannaus

Why independent counsel Kenneth Starr must be investigated.

Stop the takeover of Detroit’s schools

An interview with Ed Vaughn.

National News