Volume 26, Number 23, June 4, 1999



William H. McCann, Jr.

McCann is a former Assistant Whip of the New Hampshire State Legislature (D-Dover), President of Chapter 41 of the Service Employees (SEIU) Local 1984, and a board member of the New Hampshire SEIU.

Ulysses Jones, Jr.

Jones (D-Memphis) is a Tennessee State Representative and Chair of the State and Local Government Committee of the Tennessee House.

Joe Towns, Jr.

Towns is a Tennessee State Representative and member of the Education Committee.

Janine R. Wedel

Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Institute of European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies at George Washington University, Wedel has just written Collusion and Collision: The Strange Case of Western Aid to Eastern Europe.

Msgr. Héctor Julio López

Monsignor López is Apostolic Prefect of Ariari, Colombia. With the exception of San Vicente del Caguán, the other four townships which are in the “demilitarized zone” under FARC control are part of his diocese.

Lord William Rees-Mogg

Lord Rees-Mogg, former editor of the Times of London, says the Russians must be brought into a peace settlement in the Balkans.

Dr. Nazir U. Khaja

The President of the American Muslim Council describes his trip to Belgrade with Jesse Jackson.

Dr. Muhammad Aslam Cheema

Treasurer of the American Muslim Council spoke on the prospect for Balkan reconstruction.


Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

Premier crusades for heroin.


British push for World War III.

Conference Report

Muslim Americans seek ‘knowledge and freedom’

by Umberto Pascali

American Muslims are in intense turmoil over the British efforts to plunge southeastern Europe and the Middle East into war. Umberto Pascali reports on the Eighth National Convention of the American Muslim Council. His report includes interviews with AMC President Dr. Nazir U. Khaja and Dr. Muhammad Aslam Cheema, as well as excerpts from the speeches of Dr. Khaja, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Lord Nazir Ahmad.


Soros threatens Argentina: ‘Your life, or your money!’

by Gerardo Terán

The very same Soros agents who called for one-to-one convertibility with the U.S. dollar and the peso, are now calling for a free float, after popular resistance prevented them from looting the economy the other way.

The attack on U.S. schools: How will they survive?

by Marianna Wertz and Marcia Merry Baker

The system of public education, the foundation stone of any democratic republic, is almost universally acknowledged to be failing in America. A look at the real problem, whether the proposed solutions are actually good, and the basis for a sound public education.

Interviews: Former and present state legislators William H. McCann, Jr. (New Hampshire), Ulysses Jones, Jr. (Tennessee), and Joe Towns, Jr. discuss the disaster in education funding in their states.

Lessons of the Russian ‘aid’ program for Balkan reconstruction

by Edward Spannaus

An interview with Janine R. Wedel.

The American economic model for financing infrastructure

by Nancy Spannaus

Business Briefs


British launch new terror war against ‘allies’

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Europe has been gripped by a wave of political assassinations. Why now? As Lyndon LaRouche warned, the British-American-Commonwealth crowd, in a fit of rage over their inability so far to get a ground war going in Yugoslavia, are resorting to their usual methods.

NATO hands behind new Italian terrorism?

by Claudio Celani

On the May 20 assassination of Italian government adviser Massimo D’Antona.

British support for terrorism is undeniable

by Hussein Al-Nadeem

The balance sheet on so-called “Islamic” terrorism.

Terrorists planning a hit against India

by Ramtanu Maitra

It is time to name Herrhausen’s killers

by Michele Steinberg

Is Northern Ireland terrorism state-sponsored terror?

by Mary Jane Freeman

‘Bloody Sunday’ Jackson wants ground forces now

by Umberto Pascali


Colombia revolt marks spread of ‘Kosovo effect’ in Americas

by Dennis Small and Luis Vásquez Medina

Colombia’s civilian Defense Minister, Rodrigo Lloreda Caicedo, and 16 of the nation’s active-duty generals resigned, in protest against the government’s announcement that the demilitarized zone in the south will be delivered permanently into the narco-terrorist FARC’s hands.

Bedoya on the ‘new NATO’ and a Marshall Plan for Colombia

A speech by Gen. Harold Bedoya Pizarro (ret.), former Colombian Presidential candidate.

Toward a National Reconstruction Front

by Jorge Carrillo

Address by Colombia’s former Labor Minister Jorge Carrillo.

‘Pastrana, a government on its knees before the FARC’

An interview with Msgr. Héctor Julio López.

Seminar on LaRouche held at Russian Duma

by Karl-Michael Vitt

U.S. policy on Russia under House scrutiny

by Suzanne Rose

Some U.S. Congressmen are urging a Marshall Plan approach toward Russia.

Lord William Rees-Mogg takes Tony Blair to task on Yugoslavia

by Scott Thompson

International Intelligence


The Cox Report is a Gore, Inc. pack of lies  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The much-ballyhooed report on alleged Chinese spying was concocted by a group of politically motivated agents of British influence, who possess not an iota of scientific competence to just the matters under review.

A scientifically illiterate hoax  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A statement on the Cox Report by Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

Who are the video game brainwashers?

by Anton Chaitkin

America’s children are being turned into killers through video games created in the 1990s by an overtly satanic faction of designers, financiers, and strategic planners rooted in the British establishment.

Families of victims sue video producers

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News