Volume 26, Number 31, August 6, 1999


Book Reviews

The fraud of ‘democratic reforms’: the case of U.S. aid to E. Europe

by Edward Spannaus

Collision and Collusion: The Strange Case of Western Aid to Eastern Europe 1989-98, by Janine R. Wedel.

George Stephanopoulos, Gore, and Dick Morris

by Debra Hanania Freeman

All Too Human: A Political Education, by George Stephanopoulos.

‘Acres of Skin’ or human beings? Human rights at stake in America

by Marianna Wertz

Acres of Skin—Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison: A True Story of Abuse and Exploitation in the Name of Medical Science, by Allen M. Hornblum.


Australia Dossier

by Robert Barwick

Welfare “crackdown” is under way.


Crimes against humanity.


G-7 plays the world’s biggest ‘confidence game’

by William Engdahl

A Japanese Finance Ministry official has admitted that statistics on his country’s much-heralded “economic turnaround” were faked.

Balkans nations are realizing that development is impossible with IMF

by Rainer Apel

No one expects any serious help to come from the Sarajevo summit, and so Balkans leaders are scrambling on their own. But will that be enough to reconstruct the war-torn region?

Israeli urges Mideast peace through development

Argentina’s famed ‘convertibility’ goes up in smoke

by Gonzalo Huertas

Business Briefs


The Twentieth Century: century of catastrophe  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche addressed a Schiller Institute seminar on July 24 in Oberwesel, Germany: “The world financial situation is hopeless, a hopeless catastrophe, nothing can save the world financial system in its present form. Therefore, let’s stop trying to save the world financial system, or monetary system, in their present forms.” We reproduce his remarks in full.


Will Washington wake up to narco-terror threat in Colombia?

by Gretchen Small

Despite the dire warnings of White House anti-drug leader Gen. Barry McCaffrey (ret.), British-controlled circles in the U.S. State Department continue to press for “peace talks” with the deadly narco-terrorist gangs which are dismembering the nation of Colombia and destroying the youth of America and elsewhere with cocaine and heroin.

Resource robbery keeps war going in Angola

by Linda de Hoyos

Falun Gong: Who is trying to destabilize China?

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

The Chinese government has come down hard against a quasi-religious sect that preys on a romantic longing for the “good old days” of feudalism, and Prince Philip’s mouth is watering at this new opportunity to provoke a breakup of the nation.

Tang Jiaxuan: Mankind must achieve a ‘beautiful cooperative new world’

by Mary Burdman

An inspiring vision of the future presented by China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Britain’s ‘Operation Surety’ launched for post-crash world

by Mark Burdman

Al Fayed suit targets intelligence ties to Paris crash, Diana’s death

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Metaphor in Classical music composition

Report on a unique conference in Budapest.

International Intelligence


Clark dumped as NATO head; Albright should be next

by Michele Steinberg

The White House has finally mothballed Gen. Wesley Clark, one of the major culprits in the British effort to destroy U.S. relations with Russia and China.

Al Gore’s genocide policy could sink his campaign  

by Scott Thompson and Michele Steinberg

Increasing numbers of Democrats are turning away from Gore in disgust for his refusal to allow Africa access to cheap generic drugs to combat AIDS. But after all, the only reason why Gore is running, is because he’s the only man whom baby Bush could beat.

UNICEF: AIDS creating a dark age for children

by Colin Lowry

LaRouche ideas dominate state legislators’ conference

Documentation: A letter from Debra Hanania Freeman, national spokeswoman for Lyndon LaRouche, to the chairman of the National Conference of State Legislatures.

LaRouche associate Hecht released on parole

British Commonwealth secret services deploy neo-Nazism

by Anton Chaitkin

An exclusive EIR investigative report by historian Anton Chaitkin.

The Reform Party: America’s bread and circus for the coming collapse

by Marianna Wertz

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood

National News