Volume 26, Number 34, August 27, 1999



Australia Dossier

by Allen Douglas

The great preamble scam.


Malaysia’s anniversary.

Science & Technology

How Fresnel and Ampère launched a scientific revolution

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

In France after 1815, the rules of the game are set, dualism and British “science” rule, and creativity is killed for good. At least, that is what the world looks like inside the system. But, we find a man in his thirties, a genius who sees science and poetry as an inseparable unity, and another man, in his twenties, who are ready to plunge joyfully into the unknowns of light and electromagnetism. They meet and work together, and break the rules of the game.

A presentation by Jonathan Tennenbaum on “The Drama of Cognition,” given to the Schiller Institute’s summer seminar in Oberwesel, Germany on July 24.

The Ampère-Fresnel revolution: ‘on behalf of the future’

by Jacques Cheminade


How to tell the future

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Up to this point, but for relatively rare exceptions, virtually all academic economists and governments have thus shown themselves to have been consistently wrong, not only in their forecasts, but, more importantly, in their incompetent definition of the way in which a modern economy functions,” LaRouche writes.

“Now, when the onrushing doom of the present world’s financial system has become undeniable by all but those persons driven mad by this reality,... sane people will ask, ‘What is the correct method for forecasting, either a general financial crash, or an economic recovery from that crash?’

“You are right to insist, that other evidence, other than the simple fact that I have been proven expert in correctly forecasting such past developments, would be required to make my case. I summarize that other evidence here.”

Bush and Gore are both losers in the ‘who lost Russia’ debate

by Edward Spannaus

Commentators are finally recognizing what EIR has reported for eight years: that U.S. policy toward post-Communist Russia has been a disastrous failure.

European analysts warn of ‘financial crash’

New statistics show Ibero- American economies are in free fall

by Dennis Small

The IMF has mandated that the illegal drug trade be included in official GNP figures. Violà! Economic “growth”!

Business Briefs


War in the Caucasus is raging out of control

by Konstantin George

The London-centered British-American-Commonwealth faction of the financial oligarchy is intent on breaking up Russia, and thus, ruining the potential for a “Survivors’ Club” in Eurasia. The crisis could go nuclear, as some British strategists admit.

Political eruptions hit, as Britain prepares for ‘postcrash world’

by Mark Burdman

Whenever high-level circles in the British oligarchy plan fundamental changes in the reigning political arrangements, it is assured that there will be bloody scandals.

An unstable Germany means an unstable Europe

by Rainer Apel

Only Clinton’s intervention can get the Mideast peace process moving

by Dean Andromidas

Colombia’s Bedoya proposes South American alliance vs. narco-terrorism

by Gerardo Terán Canal

The tragedy unfolding in Colombia is the result of aggression by “international drug mafias,” in complicity with the corrupt political system in Colombia, and this tragedy threatens to spread throughout Ibero-America, Gen. Harold Bedoya (ret.) warned, during a trip to Argentina and Uruguay.

Documentation: General Bedoya’s speech to the Argentine Council on Foreign Relations, and press coverage of his tour.

International Intelligence


LaRouche files for matching funds, shakes up establishment

by Michele Steinberg

“There is little question that Mr. LaRouche has the largest and most active volunteer force,” estimated at about 7,000 people, of any candidate in the Year 2000 Presidential race in either party, stated Debra Hanania Freeman, spokeswoman for LaRouche’s campaign.

National News