Volume 26, Number 37, September 17, 1999



Natalia Vitrenko

Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, Member of Parliament and leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, is running for President of Ukraine.



Defend the nation-state!


The red-green ‘program for the future’ is economic suicide

by Lothar Komp

The German economy is becoming second rate, as investments in industry, infrastructure, and the labor force are being cut to meet financiers’ demands—what is euphemistically known as the “Third Way” of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Sober realities aired at Alpbach economic debate

by Mark Burdman

Presidential candidate declares, Ukraine can recover from the IMF

An interview with Natalia Vitrenko.

Three years of welfare ‘reform’: New studies show the poor are losing

by Marianna Wertz

The most recent study of the results of the welfare reform policy, released by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Business Briefs


A new strategy for the United States

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The keynote speech by Lyndon LaRouche to the ICLC/Schiller Institute Labor Day conference on Sept. 4. The current global financial system is presently hopelessly bankrupt, says LaRouche. “It will not last. It will disintegrate, or it will be shut down. My alternative, rather than letting it disintegrate, is to shut it down. That means that someone with authority must step in, put the old system into bankruptcy reorganization, in the same way you would put a bank in the local community into bankruptcy reorganization ... and set in a new system to continue the essential operations, the economic operations performed by the old system, but under new rules, and under new management.”


Russia, pressed to the wall, moots use of nuclear weapons

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

Last year, Lyndon LaRouche warned that the IMF-induced collapse of Russia’s economy, as well as the orchestration of conflicts along Russia’s strategic periphery, were pushing a Russia deprived of in-depth war-fighting capabilities toward the use of nuclear weapons. LaRouche’s warnings are being borne out.

General Bedoya calls for U.S.-Colombian alliance vs. drugs

Colombian Gen. Harold Bedoya (ret.) briefed Washington on the war that the narco-terrorist FARC is waging against Colombia.

Documentation: A report on Bedoya’s meeting with OAS Secretary General César Gaviria, and coverage in the EFE Spanish news service of Bedoya’s attacks on Wall Street’s alliance with the FARC.

German voters reject Schröder’s ‘Third Way’ in key state elections

by Rainer Apel

Schröder’s “Third Way” alliance with British Prime Minister Tony Blair has brought nothing but austerity and suffering to the increasingly unemployed and deindustrialized population of Germany.

LaRouche to advise new Triangular Association

by Ramtanu Maitra and Mary Burdman

Great Britain plays its ace in East Timor crisis

by Gail G. Billington

After its hedge funds and the IMF destroyed Indonesia’s economy, the British monarchy is now pushing Prime Minister Tony Blair’s “doctrine of the international community”—that is, global military intervention against sovereign nations.

Terror campaign launched in response to Israeli-Palestinian agreement

by Dean Andromidas

For the sovereignty and development of Africa

A resolution by the African Rights Civil Movement.

China reacts to Pacific destabilization; it’s time to restore Sino-U.S. good faith

by Mary Burdman

U.S. networks linked to British geopoliticians and former President George Bush are trying to set up situations so fraught with tension, that China and other Asian nations could be drawn into a confrontationist mode against the United States—a disaster for all sides.

Documentation: The Chinese weekly magazine Global News Digest warns the United States not to interfere in relations between mainland China and Taiwan.

Nakasone: North Korea needs China-style reform

International Intelligence


The LaRouche case is the key to unravelling Waco cover-up

by Edward Spannaus

LaRouche and EIR stressed from the beginning, that the issue was the pattern of gross misconduct and prosecutorial abuse by the Justice Department, a pattern which became endemic during the period when George Bush was Vice President and then President.

Shut down the DOJ’s secret murder machine!

by Bruce Director and Barbara Boyd

More than seven years before the raid on the Branch Davidian complex in Waco, Texas, government agencies, under the coordination of the permanent bureaucracy of the U.S. Department of Justice, conducted a much larger and more complex assault against LaRouche and his associates.

LaRouche tells Americans: Rebuild the nation on principles of FDR

The Labor Day conference of the Schiller Institute and International Caucus of Labor Committees convened to discuss the theme “Seize the Moment of Crisis, and Opportunity.” About 1,000 people attended to hear presentations on statecraft, economics, and Classical culture—to prepare themselves to go forth and do battle for Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas.

Zepp-LaRouche clues in ‘the Clueless Continent’

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in her keynote to the Schiller Institute/ICLC conference, gave the Americans in her audience one of the most thorough strategic briefings many of them had ever received.

Forbes runs cover for Bush corruption

by Carl Osgood

Insurance, business lobbies declare war on HMO reforms

by Linda Everett

The Health Benefits Coalition and the National Association of Manufacturers are mobilizing to stop the Norwood-Dingell bill, the Bipartisan Consensus Managed Care Improvement Act of 1999.

National News