Volume 26, Number 38, September 24, 1999



Bishop Charles Palmer

This Roman Catholic Bishop from Ghana calls for a full cancellation of Africa’s international debt.





Kyrgyzstan President promotes ‘renaissance of the Silk Road’

by Mark Burdman

During a visit to Germany, Dr. Askar Akayev emphasized that a “rebirth of the Great Silk Road”—the project otherwise known as the Eurasian Land-Bridge—will make possible the creation of a “zone of stability, friendship, cooperation, security and partnership” in the world.

‘Prince of Thieves’ Robert Strauss and money laundering in Russia

by Richard Freeman

The swirling scandal around the laundering of criminal and capital flight money from Russia through the Western banking system, has now expanded to include George Bush’s former Ambassador to Russia.

Ghana bishop calls for debt cancellation and a Marshall Plan for Africa

An interview with Bishop Charles Palmer from Ghana, who spoke at the recent National Summit of Africa in Baltimore, Maryland.

Business Briefs


Real economics vs. virtual reality

If you still suffer from the illusion that the U.S. and world economy are “doing great,” this package is the antidote. We present the proceedings of the economics panel of the Schiller Institute’s Labor Day conference, featuring a team of economic experts working with Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas.

Virtual reality, real psychosis

by John Hoefle

John Hoefle shows how “we live in a world gone nuts,” where the only freedom in the “free market” is the financial oligarchs’ freedom to steal from the physical economic in a desperate effort to shore up the hopelessly boated financial bubble.

U.S. farms, factories, 1960s and 1990s: a real economy documentary

by Marcia Merry Baker

The collapse of the machine-tool design principle

by Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman surveys the disastrous collapse of the industrialized countries’ machine-tool production, to near Third World levels.


British vow to rip apart the world’s nation-states

by Jeffrey Steinberg

An aide to British Royal Consort Prince Philip, Martin Palmer, confirms that the deliberate policy of the British Foreign Office is to foster the disintegration of rival “empires”: starting with Russia and Indonesia. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. issues a sharp warning on this British policy, with a focus on the crisis over East Timor.

The geopolitical Great Game and Russia’s ‘Pinochet’ option

by Konstantin George

The deadly bombings of apartments in Moscow are not an “internal” matter, but part of a British-steered strategy to force a dictatorial regime in Russia that would ensure continued flows of debt repayment into the bankrupt Western financial system.

Australia acts as British stooge in the East Timor crisis

by Allen Douglas

Almost one-fifth of Australia’s tiny 25,000-man Army is being sent to East Timor on a British-sponsored “peacekeeping” mission, whose aim is anything but the preservation of peace. Why are Australia’s leaders repeating the follies of Gallipoli?

Blair’s ‘Third Way’ defeated in Germany

by Rainer Apel

Elections in two German states have started a welcome sea-change in Germany’s political direction.

French coverup of Princess Diana’s death is already unraveling

by Jeffrey Steinberg

India, Pakistan head toward a showdown

by Ramtanu Maitra

A nuclear exchange is not out of the question.

Who manufactured the crisis over the Taiwan Strait crisis, and why

Documentation: A chronology of how the crisis was created.


GOPers say Bush is ‘demented’; Dems desert Gore’s sinking ship

by Michele Steinberg

Even before the financial collapse hits full-force, the nation’s political parties are splintering, as it becomes evident that Bush and Gore are equally depraved.

DOJ bureaucracy cans Waco ‘whistleblower’

by Edward Spannaus

Condoleezza Rice and the team behind George W. Bush’s campaign

by Scott Thompson

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood